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    Yes , I know . I don't want to offend you , but this is a childish explanation. Are some fees on the pool and are some rules , and are not my rules.

    Dude, you can go and mine solo, make as many rules as you want and even break them. Good luck in finding a block.

    What is so hard to understand ,,,,every reward at every forged blocks on the pool are cut with at least the decimals of the reward amount.

    For example, at 3 forged blocks if you have around 7.6 burst at the reward level, you will get exactly 21 not 22 and some other decimals . This will be in the best case , because one time ( how I said ) , was 44 burst already made , the reward was 7.66 burst when the block was forged and the result was 44 + 7.66 = 50 burst.

    Also I have seen at the other miners : reward level 8.55 burst , burst made for this day 8 and the result - 15 burst .......and so one.

    Even if it is like so... you know that there is 1 burst fee with every payout?

    Performance wise, I think I'm running into some bottlenecks somewhere. When reading plots, I'm sucking up about 50% CPU and 50% GPU usage. The first 7-8 drives or so read at approximately 650 MB/s in about 30 seconds, but then it starts dropping off until the final drive read numbers are only around 350 MB/s and reading the plots across all the drives takes 70-80 seconds or so.

    Anyone have any thoughts on anything I might be able to do to bump up plot read speeds, or tweak some more efficiently out of the setup, or am I pretty much running as fast as I will be able to?

    You have 7 drives connected to the card which is using PCIe x8 port, this port has a bandwdith of 5 Gb/s, equal to 500 MB/s, I think this answers your question.

    Don't underestimate your USB ports, each of USB 3.0 ports has the bandwidth of this single PCIe port.

    Anyone else using JMiner? Not sure if I've got something wrong, or things are working correctly. Got a system setup with a 100TB+ across about 15 drives, a Celeron G1840 (2Core/2.8Ghz), 24 GB of RAM and a GTX 1050Ti. Have the most recent NVidia drivers and running the latest JMiner windows version (0.4.11) and everything seems to be working fine.

    But what I've noticed is during a new block when the machine is reading the plots, CPU Usage spikes up to 90%+ while GPU usage sits down around 20%. Then after plot read, both CPU/GPU drop down to basically 0% until the next block.

    Is this normal? I would have expected a much more GPU utilization and a lot less CPU usage, unless that Celeron is bottle-necking something. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Maybe try some other miner for comparison? JMiner is using only openCL if I remember correctly, something with CUDA should utilise GPU power in the more efficient way.

    If this doesn't help I would upgrade the CPU to the i3.

    Ok, thanks, I'm slowly starting to get how it works.

    BTW. Bought your assets too yesterday. :)