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    I am not going to continue this thread any further.

    As mentioned previously, I am currently trading for the 402 asset. This puts me in a serious conflict of interest, as anyone who reads through the activity on this forum over the past couple of days can easily understand. I have no intention of ending my association with the 402 asset and the issuer of said asset any time soon. If that's a problem for you, so be it. I have no intention of defending my decisions, and my 'loyalty' lies with myself and my family first. Since the only choice offered to anyone who doesn't immediately express agreement and adoration is to either follow and obey or GTFO... well, ima GTFO.

    I will continue to make the videos, and anyone who wants to can continue to follow along on youtube.

    Thanks for all of your support, and if you have any questions or suggestions, leave 'em on youtube for me.

    You'll still be able to find me on the 402 discord channel.

    I'll check for messages here while I can, feel free to pm me.

    Attention impatient know-it-alls!

    Everyone complaining about not getting coins yet needs to slow the hell down and think for 2 seconds before typing the first crap that crosses your minds. The person giving the coins away has a real life, needs sleep and food, etc., and is not obliged to do anything on your schedule. If you are worried about not getting your free coins for taking a screenshot, so worried that you feel the need to throw around accusations, then send the guy a message... and wait.

    AtomicDog602 , Hitti2 , the thread stays until the promotion is over. Don't assume that the mods here are "burst rich", and don't think for a second that any of them will be giving you coins for complaining. Also, 99% of the giveaways on this forum are run by MisterBurst, so we won't be deleting the rest of the giveaway threads either. This is not bitcointalk, and it never will be. If you want bitcointalk, and that kind of interaction between members, then bitcointalk sounds like the right place for you.

    Too many people talk big shit without knowing what they're talking about.

    I am trying to confirm my username and start mining (requiring coins), however, I am not able to use any faucets online to get my first coins (see attachment)? I have tried them all, and have no idea what's wrong? I've tried to send BURSTCOIN from my Bittrex account to both my local wallet and the online wallet (BURST-TTWM-TPHW-JQUU-DM2QN) and it just won't go through...sigh...Can anyone help me, I want to start mining this awesome coin!!! I am working from an IMAC (MAC OS SIERRA 10.12.2) and have went through Terminal to open my BURST WALLET (with Burstcoin 1.2.8) successfully, but am perplexed why it won't take my deposits. I am at the mercy of bitcoinstacks to get me past this roadblock :/, Please help. Thanks!

    Do you have a transaction ID from bittrex?

    Please do. Sorry if there was confusion after our last conversation about this. Any reference to Genesis, and other cloud-miners, is prohibited.

    Thanks for understanding, and keep pumping out them videos :)

    Purple Monster You have clearly understood exactly what Nation is all about!

    Thank you so much for all of your work. i love your Videos.

    It's not a problem, I just wish I could get them out faster than I am currently. I just started working this week, but I'll be making at least one more this weekend sometime... there has been a lot of activity on the markets these days, so I'll have plenty of material for a few different topics.

    Awesome video, Screaming Eagle!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, man. I can't wait to see that thing start pumping out some coins for you. Once you get it fired up, maybe you could do a follow-up to show it in action on your pool of choice ;)

    What is the sending address for the transaction that never went through?

    ***nevermind. The transaction is unconfirmed, so it will have to wait for a miner to pick it up and process it. The coins are not gone, but transactions with higher fees attached will be prioritized over those with low fees... currently, there are around 70k unconfirmed transactions on the btc blockchain... all of them are waiting with you.

    Thank you guys, whateveryousayman I think there is a bug in the dark theme, I can't see if I liked or not the user and I hit multiple times because I don't remember liking your post before.

    Probably the like button could have something similar as the light theme where it show that it was hit already?

    It's not exactly a bug, it just really doesn't show up well on the dark theme... actually, the same applies to links as well, so watch for that when using the dark theme.