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    It's not just scoops over 4000, there is no definitive cut off, but definitely as the scoop number drops the effectiveness also drops significantly. But the cut off point for where it is no longer effective will drop to lower and lower scoop numbers as GPUs get faster.

    The problem is that not all of the rounds require the same amount of work and since you only need the result of 1 scoop for each round, you only need to do the work until that scoop and then can exit the loop early rather than processing all 4096 of them (It starts at the end and works backwards). If the scoop for the round is 4096 you only need to process 1. If the scoop is 4000 you only need to process 97. If the scoop is 1 you have to do the work for all 4096 and currently processing power is not fast enough to compete with poc mining for those lower scoops, but at some point it could be.

    I wouldn't call it a hack or an exploit necessarily, really its just a more efficient miner, and it doesn't hurt the network security, but it can have an impact on distribution that may be considered unfair because not everyone has access to this more efficient way of mining burst. I mean efficient in terms of nonces/sec not energy.

    This is a single thread using a CPU. Just imagine the results if this were in parallel using GPUs. I don't know how to use OpenCL so this is as good as I can do with this but Im sure someone will be able to do this in OpenCL and take advantage. It may already be happening and could explain the huge sudden jumps in net diff followed by huge drops. My theory is they are switching their GPUs to burst during high scoop rounds and then switching their GPUs back to ETH or whatever when Burst scoops are low.

    Its not all bad, we did all just make a bunch of money. I agree these things are overhyped but if it is only intended for a pump and dump scam I think he would have dumped some coins but he doesn't appear to have sold. Most developers are shitty people persons which is why engineering and customer facing roles are separate hats. This guy does go a bit out of his way to come off as an asshole though.

    The issue they mention about gaming the higher scoop numbers with PoW mining is real and would require a fork to fix. If he wants to fix it I think it would be in everyone's best interest to adopt that fork, because if Burst becomes extremely valuable without fixing this first it will be taken advantage of on a much bigger scale.

    I hope you will give it some time and maybe reconsider ending your promotion efforts because Burst needs that just as much as it needs socially-retarded nerds. I can understand not wanting to be associate with anything that is screwing investors, but I am also not clear how anyone got screwed because Burst is up by quite a bit. I would think you would be overwhelmed by hookers and blow right about now.

    It's not as dire as it may seem, the only trading pair is against BTC which is going up like crazy so naturally everything it is paired against is worth less BTC. It just seems like its going in the wrong direction because it went too hard too fast in the right direction. I have to agree though that the value is low based on the netdiff. This makes a good buying opportunity, but obviously not so attractive for mining. Anyway, I charted this like a week ago so its a little out of date but it should give you a better picture of value.

    Yes its still alive and growing quickly.

    Download this wallet

    And this db

    I just tried them and had no issues. It was ready to go after about 15 or 20 minutes.

    Don't let the BURST/BTC pair fool you into thinking its dead. Burst is seeing tremendous growth in value, it is just taking less BTC to equal that value.


    These values don't matter when pool mining because the pool's targetDeadline is provided to the miner in the getMiningInfo call. If someone's miner is submitting deadlines higher than the target it probably means they have it configured for solo mode instead of pool mode, which can be confirmed by checking if the passphrase is being included in the request. If there's no passphrase and they are submitting deadlines higher than the target, it is probably just spam curl requests meant to cause load.

    Plot 11 is 4096000 nonces starting with 2048001. Add them together to get the starting nonce for the next plot, 6144001.

    In your case you started your plot 12 at 2048002 which is only 1 nonce greater than the starting point for the previous plot, which contains much more than 1 nonce.

    Buying Burst is basically making a bet that the value of Burst will go up. If you are right you profit, if not, you lose money.

    By buying drives and mining, the risk is lower. If you buy 1k worth of drives and Burst tanks to zero, you still have 1k worth of drives that can be resold or used to mine future PoC coins.

    As always, higher risk equals higher reward, so if Burst succeeds you will make a larger profit by buying it instead of mining it, but for those who prefer low risk investment, buying drives and mining is a good option.

    Also at some point you will reach ROI. It is definitely a longer time frame than GPU mining but eventually you will get there and your initial cost for buying the drives will be covered and you will still be earning more Burst for as long as the drives run. No having to put any more money into it, you just keep earning forever. For the life of the drives anyway.