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    1 size = 256kb

    i think the settings that need to be tested are 16384 (4gb), 32768 (8gb), 49152 (12gb) depending on the number of drives that are used

    staggersize was 1024 *32 (8gb)

    staggersize depends on your ram and the amount of drives you are plotting to...

    - take your total ram

    - substract cpu ram (5. number = 4096 == 1gb ram)

    - divide the rest by your number of drives

    - should be a power of 2 and higher or equal to the 5. number in devices.txt

    i had 2 gpus running at

    0 0 2048 8 2048

    0 1 2048 8 2048

    and used a staggersize of 2gb (8192) for 12 drives for best results

    32gb ram total - 0.5 gb per cpu - 2gb per drive

    i think 2-4 gb should remain for the OS

    just play around with those numbers, but always use powers of 2 (2,4,8,16,32,64....)

    use buffer mode and run it for 10 minutes, then compate the results

    i got some 980 ti with 6gb ram and my best settings are

    0 0 2048 (512mb) 8 2048 (512mb)

    which results in 55000 nonce / min in buffered mode after 10min

    all other settings were worse

    its pretty easy:

    1: platform id

    2: device id

    3: global work size

    4: local work size

    5: number of nonces

    3 -> how many nonces are buffered in gpu ram, 256kb per unit

    4 -> how many threads are running in your gpu

    5 -> how many nonces are buffered in system ram, 256kb per unit

    thanks for the info but it`s too late, already deleted it because in 13 hours did grow from about 100 nonces to 460 and in task manager hdd writing speed was 3-10 mb/s

    anyway, i think i didn`t use the correct settings tho...

    taskmanager will most likely not show the right values...

    the best method to find out your best settings is to use buffer mode and plot for like 5-10 minutes and compare those values. when you got the best working settings just change back to direct mode

    the best setup to speed up your plotting speeds is to add more drives and plot to all of them using the gpu plotter...

    if you plot to one drive using a staggersize of 32768 (8gb) means your gpu will generate 8gb of data that is writen to your ram. then those 8gb are writen to your drives (~100mb/s means 80 seconds of writing). while those 80 seconds your gpu simply does nothing

    if you use more drives your gpu will simply use more power to calculate the other plots -> no more sleeping gpu