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    Hey Adam!!! MisterStacks I NEED AN AUTOGRAPHED CAP!!!... I hope shipping to Jamaica is something you can do. I need it signed MisterBurst Fcuks with Numbers Signed MikeTheMug. And  Focus Could you sign it (Focus the Asset FcukinMeister) LOL!!

    Vneck  Could you Autograph one a those white Mousepad? (BOOM BOOM and All That!!!)

    For The Love Of BURST!!!

    This only helps burst nation to shine more, the fact that I always tell people that there is an old forum that supports and encourages scammers who keep on siphoning as much money as they possibly can from the burst community, these examples just give much more clout to what I keep saying. This helps those who may be in doubt, to see that the true community that cares about BURST is Burst Nation and more people will help to get the word out that cancers like that old forum need to be exposed regularly for the harm they keep on doing to the community overall.

    I will be making a post about this later on and maybe a video or 2 with heavy promotion to drag them through the mud on this matter and others, just because I can :)

    "Adam the Man that Can" :thumbup: I am looking forward to this and will be ready to re-post and share.

    Great minds think alike bro, I have been in production of such a video for the past week, on set complete with pre production almost complete then edits/mastering it set to take place then publishing it and promoting it heavily , big big budget involved.

    Much appreciate Adam! really glad that this was apart of your Burst itinerary. I guess based on what you said just now, this is the start of "YEAR 2" growth for Burst, being as you started promoting Burst around this time last year.

    From 30 Sats to where we are at, people can you do the Math??? (we tested 900, so lets start saying our goodbyes to 3riple digits)

    Hey Adam MisterStacks :/is it possible, well I know its possible but would you see it fit or needed to invest in getting an Ad or a Video done that shows or tell of how Burst was before you and bitcoinstacks came along and what you and your Team have done to get Burst to where it is and where its going?

    It could be like a "From Nothing to Something" kinda thing. But something we could share on Youtube and tweet on Twitter. It would be a viral disinfectant that spreads to clean up the perception of Burst & bitcoinstacks so has for you to not be "REPEATING YOURSELF" this would take little to no time in reaching the masses and it would also serve as an introductory Ad/video into Burst & bitcoinstacks.

    This is just my Burst cent... just a thought8)