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  • Hello,

    I am having trouble with this pool software or any nodejs pool software.

    I can't make it work properly:

    - web not showing - any charts, diff, etc.

    - on Chrome - inspect - network I get allot of web sock transactions until the pool dies:


    when loaded :

    1. 97:0{"sid":"D3okXW7GysvCZPE2ABMi","upgrades":["websocket"],"pingInterval":25000,"pingTimeout":60000}2:40

    Here is the death error:

    <--- Last few GCs --->

    218687 ms: Scavenge 1408.5 (1457.5) -> 1408.5 (1457.5) MB, 7.0 / 0 ms (+ 3.4 ms in 1 steps since last GC) [allocation failure] [incremental marking delaying mark-sweep].

    219424 ms: Mark-sweep 1408.5 (1457.5) -> 1408.5 (1457.5) MB, 736.3 / 0 ms (+ 4.8 ms in 2 steps since start of marking, biggest step 3.4 ms) [last resort gc].

    220157 ms: Mark-sweep 1408.5 (1457.5) -> 1408.5 (1457.5) MB, 733.6 / 0 ms [last resort gc].

    <--- JS stacktrace --->

    ==== JS stack trace =========================================

    Security context: 0x2a807cba5a91 <JS Object>

    2: /* anonymous */(aka /* anonymous */) [/root/pool3/burst-pool-master/node_modules/socket.io/node_modules/socket.io-adapter/index.js:~136] [pc=0x1c7e40664d7f] (this=0x2a807cb041b9 <undefined>,encodedPackets=0x1d3e041b17c1 <JS Array[1]>)

    3: encode [/root/pool3/burst-pool-master/node_modules/socket.io/node_modules/socket.io-parser/index.js:~126] [pc=0x1c7e3f9c7ad9] (this=0x27a99c5c8d51 <...

    FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory


    - miners not shown on web page, but miners are getting the new blocks

    11:35:29 New block 364104, baseTarget 726801, netDiff 25213 Tb

    11:35:29 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 0.0 sec (20.3 MB/s) CPU 70.55>#/p###

    11:39:55 New block 364105, baseTarget 746445, netDiff 24549 Tb

    11:39:55 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 0.0 sec (20.7 MB/s) CPU 71.04>#/p###

    11:41:01 Winner: 68s by BVNE-2QF6-EFJA-6AGGZ (Silver)

    11:41:01 Winner's pool: 32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C (pool:8124 | 2.0% Fee

    - Thanks to Luxe for this awesome tool!)

    11:41:01 New block 364106, baseTarget 690861, netDiff 26525 Tb

    11:41:01 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 0.0 sec (20.6 MB/s) CPU 70.28>#/p###

    - always get fixed number of miners, diff etc.: 100

    Using nodejs v4.6.2 , and the latest pool software on a Centos 7.

    Am I missing something ?

    Please help

  • Changed the node version with no change in the web page. Same behavior.

    On chrome inspect -> network I am getting continous:…ling&t=1495809608527-3313

    and at some point pool die.

    Any other suggestions ?

  • Solved. Just download the official socket.io.js and replace the one in the pool.