Let us remember that open source has been and will be the future of the internet

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  • Just as Linux took the server rooms because of the cost efficient manner in which open source works. Blockchain will do the very same. We must keep in mind the true meaning of open source as these projects appear. We must as a community be willing to accept the goods and the bads of all projects and understand the only way these issues are solved is by YOU, yes YOU, get your hands dirty contributing. No one project is going to be perfect or be for every purpose. This would be like only one car company that carried one car and that's all we drove and worked with. Open source is a mindset, it's an understanding that humanity truly benefits from selfless development and and that by building proprietary systems it destroys the benefits it can have and people wont flock to using it because of the cost. Open source is only as powerful as it's community, not it's shilling about the profits that could or couldn't be made. IF YOU ARE HERE you need to contribute back in some way. If your not a developer, mine, teach your family about it and give them some on their phones, support it in your online shops. TLDR: the hammer and the wheel wouldn't have made it as far as it has if you had to pay someone just to experiment with the thought of using it to build something.

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