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  • What is IEO?

    Initial Exchange Offering. Needless to say, ICO did create a huge impact amongst the tech geeks and the investors. Though it was initially hard to move on from ICO to IEO, the adoption did bring in a lot of benefits to both the investors and the token creators. At the same time, the industry did witness a boom in the IEO development companies.


    Unlike ICO, IEO takes place on the exchange platform. This is the core difference between ICO and IEO. Although ICO did well in the early stages, the loopholes were overly misused. The IEO development companies mostly concentrate on creating a flawless IEO and launching them successfully on various exchange platforms.

    IEO is developed with the thought that all the shortcomings in ICO should be patched along with providing only credible projects to the target audience.

    One can participate in IEO only if they hold an account with the exchange platform. And it is the same for the token developers. The platform does a complete verification of the project before it is launched.

    If you are interested in launching your IEO, we are always up for it with the best teams in the industry. Get in touch with us right now.

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