The journey Of Upgrading my BURST Mining Rig

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  • Hello burst people !

    I am Cynetyc and I want to present to you my journey from 5 TB to much much more.

    This is the first part of a series of future videos that I will make about my mining rig

    My mining rig Update video part 1

    In this video I upgrade my mining rig to 21 TB .

    I mine from 2 years now and when I started I had 3 tb and I was finding a block every second 2 of the week.

    After that I added a western digital laptop hdd of 2 TB to my small rig .

    In 2017 Burst had a huge growth and I think this is just the begining .

    If you are new into mining and found somehow my article/post here I have a good guide that might interest you here:

    My Burst adress : BURST-FUC5-H5EM-VFVB-5JYHF

  • Burstcoin Mining Rig Update Part 2

    Video here:

    Article with specs and guide here…mining-rig-upgrade-part-2

    My Journey continues and I am very excited to upgrade more!

  • Hello friends!

    My Journey continues...

    In this video I add a 1500 VA UPS from Legrand-Niky . I add a UPS because in my Country, Romania more exact my S-East zone has a very high power fluctuation and it can damage my equipment.

    Previous post about this subject:…mining-rig-upgrade-part-2…mining-rig-upgrade-part-1

    Specs for my mining rig you can find in de description of my posts.

    If you have questions or an advice or two for me on how to improve my mining rig, please put it here or on youtube, Steemit.

    With respect,