Jminer and Qbundle noob guide

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  • Hello guys,

    As a noob in Burst coin world I have some questions and would like to receive some normal guide about Jminer and Qbundle.

    So as I understand Qbundle is just a local wallet with fancy futures attached to it.

    Inside it had OpenCL and CPU mining options. But right now when I am trying to find OpenCL function for mining - seems like it disappeared...

    So after plotting 1 HDD decided to go with CPU mining (thanks to all those useless guides I read all over the internet which stated that nah it does not matter the speed of your CPU or GPU is basically for plotting...), well because I really did not anticipate of having awesome super duper turbo CPU in place I went with old i7 model (5-7 years old i guess) and reading time of 8TB HDD is just terrible. Thats why I downloaded Jminer - which after the setup unfortunately did not work (it simply did not allow to run his CMD window, auto-closing after double click).

    So question here - can Qbundle wallet with Xplotter - plot file, work with Jminer? anyone can share their 0.4.11 Jminer properties setup (maybe because I did some errors on properties file thats why it did not run). Can it be that Jminer needs to be in same folder as Qbundle to work?

  • Akamegakill,

    You do not need to use the wallet to plot your drives nor do you need it to mine in a pool. As far as plotting goes, you're pretty much limited by the write speed of your hard drive. If you have a 5400/5900 RPM drive it will be a painful experience no matter the quality of your CPU or GPU.

    The CPU is very important in mining. The more cores/threads the better the read speed of your plots. The GPU miner uses the GPU as a thrust of power, but it still uses the CPU while mining. You may find that the CPU alone is better than adding the GPU; it all depends on your rig.

    If you want to use JMiner to mine in a pool, FORGET ABOUT THE WALLET!

    Just download the latest version of Jminer and setup the "" file. Here are some basic instructions:

    JMiner Setup

    Hope this helps.


    ChaChing (✿◠‿◠)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚