Video card performance issue

  • So is there some kind of setting in jminer that helps increase the performance of your video cards? I have two GTX 960 4gig cards that jminer is running on each card splitting my total HD space to 75TB per card and my CPU is still out performing when running solo at 150TB. When I watch the cards usage, it is only using about 15% of the cards potential on both. I am trying to lighten up the load on my CPU for longevity sake as it is an i7 4790k that has been serving me well and would like to keep it that way until I am ready for my next upgrade.

    Running on Blago

    CPU times at 150TB is around 29-35 seconds

    Running on Jminer

    GPU 1 times at 75TB is around 28-30 seconds

    GPU 2 times at 75TB is around 29-40 seconds

  • My 1 GPU used to read at 1300MB/s then one day it started running at 300MB/sec. I tried to see what was wrong but gave up and started to CPU mine at about 900 MB/sec. Once awhile ago I tried it just for fun and it was at 1300, then in a few days it was back to 300, so not sure why it happens but I scan 250TB on that machine in around 60 seconds, so I'm good with it.

  • You should check to see how much your motherboard can actually handle.

    I have everything maxed out to the best my server board can handle.

    I have one miner on a server board, but it maxed out at 196TBs.

    I didn't buy it for mining. I just re-purposed my old mapping computer.

    So... it sufficed for a bit. I also get crazy total work group numbers myself.

    It can go from 1300mb/s-900mb/s within a matter of a few blocks- then back up to 1300mb/s.

    I think the key is to get a really good server board that can be upgraded.

    Like a server board w/ dual CPUs (the more cores/threads the better).;)

    I know it cost money to dream... I'm still dreaming up my upgrades.


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