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  • Hello! I have been reading about BURST for about 5 days now, and I'm interested in it because of the PoC technology. The top two exchanges that trade burst currently are Bittrex (which has new user registration disabled) and Poloniex (which requires an SSN, has a terrible history of scamming users and not sending withdrawals., not to mention could take days to recieve a BTC deposit). I posted multiple times on reddit.com/r/Burstcoin asking a trusted individual to sell me burst, to which I've had no success. MrPilotman just deleted my most recent post, and informed me to come to this website in search of burst. I would really like to buy before the Dymaxion, which occurs tomorrow. If there is anyone willing to sell me say $100 or $150 worth of Burst I would be very thankful as I have been searching for a seller for like I said around 5 days now. I wouldn't mind sending first, if you are a reputable user on this forum. My wallet address is BURST-AWTY-CT8W-MCCM-AG5JM

    Once again, my aim is to acquire some before the Dymaxion.

    I would be happy to use something like discord or skype to talk about the transaction or just about burst in general (I would love to learn more about it).

    Thanks :)