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  • Hey guys,

    Im Palmaris, one of the head moderators on the Burst Nation forum. Some of you will know me from Burst Casino as the moderator Hephaestus.

    For those that dont know me, I have been into cryptocurrency in general for a couple of years and came to Burst as a avid follower of Adam (MikeTheMug) through Bitcoin. I now will be spending most of my time solely on Burst and helping to grow the community in any way i can.

    Im a computer geek and have custom built all but one of my personal PC's over the years for gaming and work. I love technology and electronics.

  • Lovely to meet you and may we all grow in Burst together.. <3:saint:8)


    (Yeah and that below is the Baglady's Burst address)

    :love: BURST-PSX4-7SJJ-DTUS-9LCTG     :love: