Burst Wallet 1.2.9 Bug(small)

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  • I ran into this because my pass phrase had a "`" in it. When I went to assign my rewards I would constantly get unknown account , code 5. (something like that).

    I chased it down to the encoding of the pass phrase from the html. Just need to change (burstcoin/html/ui/rewardassignment.html) to have this at the top:

    1. <!DOCTYPE html>
    2. <html>
    3. <head>
    4. <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    5. </head>

    I am looking to do a pull request for the changes, but until then you can modify your own HTML and get around that problem.

  • Nice find, thanks for looking out, this will help others that may have a char like ' in their passphrase.