mining at, earning?

  • Hey guys, I am mining at since 24h but didnt earn anything to my online wallet : BURST-N8AN-B7SD-RTDY-A8SNB

    Is there a way to see how much burst Ive already mined?

    Im using Blagos Miner (3TB)

  • theres a minimum payout:

    • Minimum payout is 50 Burst
  • When you are on the pools website, ctrl+f and n8an to view your pending and last payout easy. The 11 days was your last DL 52.31 is your shares, which isn't equal to how much burst you get though, the number in parentheses is how many rounds since last payout that you've been mining. N8AN-B7SD-RTDY-A8SNB 11 days 52.31 ( 5 )