My downloaded burst wallet. Issue?

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  • Hello,

    I downloaded the burst client as I was having issues being able to register a name after setting up my online wallet. It seems my burst wallet is downloading the block chain but I am curious how many blocks need to be downloaded ? Currently at 85k but the client itself shows as not responding on the top of the window and I am running version 0.3.10

    Also I have no access to chat even though I set up the profile pic as per the chat warning message.

    Am I missing a key file to make all this work? I know burst is going through a lot of changes presently but others dont seem to be having so many issues. Is there a way for me to reset everything burst related on my computer and start from scratch? I have not plotted yet as I am struggling with burst chat and the wallet itself.

    Some reassurance would be greatly appreciated as I really am struggling to set up my wallet and start mining.

    Thank you to all who take the time to answer! You are the true mvps here!

  • just short of 400k for the blockchain...takes a while...

    not sure about the chat..had to set avatar myself today and it worked fine after thing they just started as i was chating without one yesterday.

    Download dawallet and have it in a folder on desktop an it just runs from the run.bat and it will sync up given time.

    Has a built in cpu and gpu miner...gpu miner faster if you have a lot of drives..

    Lexicon wallet though has a built in gpu plotter which is a lot better then cpu if you have a semi decent gpu...still takes a long time ....

    Read and study...its a steep learning curve but you get there...newbie myself :)