sMiner - AVX2 CPU Miner

  • sMiner - AVX2 BURST MINER (CPU Only)

    This is just a light version of creepMiner 1.6 and if you are looking for CMAKE support

    or a miner with a web interface or forwarding options then you would be better off using that.

    All credit to Creepsky you can support him by sending him BURST at: BURST-JBKL-ZUAV-UXMB-2G795

    I've just removed the web server and forwarding stuff and cuda support and linked the newest version of poco64 and openssl64 directly and changed some build options.

    I'm going to add AMD support when I have some time.

    You can compile this by installing Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition with all the options and building. The included Dll files say 32 but they are 64, I see no real reason to mess with it just to change a number.