Just a couple of quick questions about my miner

  • So I currently have about 2.6 TB mining and I noticed that there is a lot of down time between blocks. between 1 to 12 minutes or so. Is that normal? Do I need a better miner for my setup?

    A second question is what miner is recommended for mining 55TB to 60TB.

    Also I will have another 6 8TB drives with usb 3.0 cards arriving this evening. Will a quad core AMD machine with 4GB be enough to mine around 55TB? If not I think i can get 2 GB more put into it. If it's not I'll just leave that machine at 2.6TB and use my 32 thread 128GB ram server for mining but I was trying to leave that machine off. Then again I may put it's 8 drives in raid 0 and have a really fast 2.6TB pool.