Plotting 4 TB X 2 Hard Drive

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  • Hey guys I need a little help ..

    I bought 2 X 4 TB each Hard drive .. and I have started plotting them with GpuPlotter ..

    It is working fine..

    However I am confused if i am doing everything correct ..

    >> I made 4 Partitions in each Drive of 1.20 Tb Each .. thinking it will easier to Plot 1.20 Tb rather than 4 Tb in one go .. But because of the partitions I think lot of space wasted ..

    My questions are >>

    1) If i dont make partition, How is it possible to make SMALLER Plots in 4 TB without partition drive through the GPU Plotter ?

    2) Is it worth using Splotter recently released By BurstLife which makes smaller plots automatically ..

    SPlotter - Burst Plotter that automatically creates small plots [Perfect for SMR]

    If yes how to use it caan anyone explain from scratch ? and is it also possible to use GPU for the same ?

    3) or What is the best way to PLOT 2 X 4 TB each drive with GPU Plotting ?

    My Current Settings : gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer F:\16103176125519396734_0_4935680_8192

    Devices : 0 0 1024 128 2048

    I have Asus GTX 1050ti Strix OC

    Thanks for the help in advance ..