Hello from India

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  • Hi all , I am new here and I am going to try the burst mining. I am looking to get into the great bitcoinstacks community . Hope for a great future of the community( seems already having a good time ). Any kind of suggestions are welcome.

    Burst coin Address -BURST-LMSB-BGPG-MLEF-EL3WV

  • Welcome to bitcoinstacks Superfriend. Please be sure to check out the mining\plotting how to sections of this forum. They are very informative and helpful.

    Hey Superfriends!

    BOOM! Boom...and all that!

    It's ok, it's ok. Just let it happen, let it happen


    If you ask me for any type of free Burstcoins via tips, rain, assets, in public or in private, I will BAN you w/o warning!