Mining and Plotting via Docker

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  • Hey all, first post here and thought I'd share my little late night project (and entry to BURST).

    I am all about containerizing and thought the mining and plotting aspects of BURST could easily be made into Docker images. Not only does this make deploying easier and more secure, but also cross-platform.

    My mining image uses cuthulino's BurstMiner, and my plotter image uses alter3d's omdcct. You can find my Github repository here.

    While these binaries and images are Linux-based themselves, they can still run on Windows and macOS through Docker's virtualization/hypervisor.

    If you found this helpful, feel free to tip me at BURST-8GDX-8DTV-MHNB-HQX3F

    Enjoy! :)

    (Currently plotting 150GB test, waiting for my 4x5TB externals to arrive later this week)