New To Mining Burst Coins, Having Trouble Setting It up on Windows

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  • Hey Guys, I already downloaded the Burst Client and Finished the Plotting8) I Plotted 250GB. But inside it says downloading blockchain and the last transaction date i see on the right is 04/24/2015 so i heard it can take a long time to download the blockchain. However someone said that i can still mine so i tried to start but coulndnt then the same guy told me to download the burst_db zip file so it can download the blockchain so i can hopfully have a better chance to start mining.

    But after I downloaded the burst db file it said error? I think its because i dont have that much room left on my hard drive anymore, i only have like 11GB left. I then got a usb drive so i have an extra 200GB but after i plugged in the usb and re opend the Burst db it says error again? how do i unzip the file into my usb? i think thats my problem i thought it would be automatic or give me an option since my usb is plugged in?.

    :/So how do i fix this error problem so i can start mining, I get an error whe i try to start to mine and i get an error when i still have my usb plugged in wen opening my burst db file? please help if you can.

    Thanks, :)

  • just drop the zip file to the flash drive and should give you back the 11gb total, then right click the zip and extract it to burst_db folder

  • Ok theres two and burst.trace.db and i have 26GB free on my usb, i think i need a bigger usd bcuz it said not enough space when i dragged it to my usb?

    would i have to delete my burst client wallet address and start over?

  • If you have a plot u can just mine the current plot as long as you have set your reward asignment, dont need the wallet. (i make the assumption you are pool mining) esp if your short on space.

    Get blargo and point it to the plot file, and you are good to go. If you want to get the block chain you will need a bit of space.

  • I have the whole Blockchain and it freezez at 99.45 % I do not care about it that much I really just want to mine but I then assume I an a wallet with coins in it!!!. if I could just get the last .65 then id have my local can you please help