Newbie Plotting Questions

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  • Hi all,

    I am a veteran crypto investor and blockchain developer, and am fairly new to Burst mining. Am already invested in this with 100k Burst and five figures pumped into mining hardware. I have several Seagate 8TB externals on standby and plotting the first two.

    I have a few questions with regards to plotting, help is greatly appreciated :)

    1. Once an 8TB drive has finished plotting, can the plot file be copied and pasted into another similar 8TB drive, and mining can commence immediately on both drives without errors nor overlap?

    2. After plotting has completed, can the plotted hard drive be turned off without losing the plot file when it is turned back on again?

    3. Are Seagate 8TB external drives known to be slow at both plotting and mining? If yes, would WD external drives be faster?

    4. Which is better and faster in both plotting and mining, PMR or SMR drives? I know Seagate ones are SMR.

    Once again help would be greatly appreciated, I am glad to be part of the Burst community!

    Bought up many Burst assets and have plans to issue my own in the near future. Hence stay tuned..

    I strongly believe in giving value to others.

    Please kindly comment for the benefit of all newbie Burst miners out there. Sharing is caring!

  • 1. No, you would have duplicate nonces.

    2. Yes. The plot is just a giant file containing nonces for mining.

    3. Depends on too many variables - how many other USB HDD and other devices are on the chipset or addon card hub, drive RPM, quality of the SATA to USB converter used, etc. I'd be more concerned about failure rate, which is something to read up on for both brands.

    4. Consensus is plot to PMR drives, as it takes longer for SMR drives to plot. One could plot to a PMR drive and copy the plot to a same size SMR drive to mine.

  • Thank you for the swift reply.

    You mentioned about failure rate, are Seagates more known to fail? What about the warranty provided for external drives? Can the warranty be used to repair or replace the failed drive? I assume that failure rate means the external drive not functioning as usual anymore

    May I know if PMR drives are better/faster at mining? What are the examples of some PMR drives?

  • I've had issues with Seagate drives failing in the past, but those were the Barricuda internal drives. Check around for user reviews for the drives you are looking at and see how many failures are noted (and realize that some failures are the fault of the user and not the manufacturer). As long as there wasn't a user created issue, one should be able to warranty the drive.

    As far as mining on PMR vs. SMR drives, there really isn't much of a difference as it is just reading. Plotting is where it get's interesting as PMR drives are a bit faster than SMR due to the way the writing system works.

  • Thank you very much for the informative replies. Let me know if I can be of help