• I just worked out how to use xplotter - Happy Days :)

    Copied some settings of a message in the forum about how they got a faster plot speed using 7 threads and 17gb of memory using xplotter .

    Seems to be working well as my plot time per TB is 12.5 hrs atm .

    I just unboxed a 8tb lacie porsche drive so maybe it is faster because the rpm is 7200 ? I can't find the rpm anywhere on the box or specs for the drive speed online so I am guessing it is .

    Does anyone else have BETTER SETTINGS they have found that speed up xplotter times ?

    I am using a HP Compaq 8300 Elite Desktop Computer i5-3470 3.20Ghz 8Gb Ram 250Gb on Win 7 to plot


  • i7 6700k - 6 threads - 4GB memory. Plots 1TB (4000000 nonces) in almost exactly 6 hours on a WD My Book 8TB over USB 3. The drive keeps up with the CPU (always yellow). I tried 6GB memory but it was same nonces/min yet the CPU had to wait for the hard drive to catch up after each batch (grey text)... so I went back to 4GB and works great. If you try that out then let me know your results.

  • My calculations are way off , I based it on the first 10% of the plot , its taking just as long as before I used xplotter . 30 hrs + for one TBb based on a 200gb test run (the first 10% plotted quickly but then it slowed down ) :( . Anyway its only time , no rush , I will carry on . If anybody has any tips they used to improve a average cpu setup to plot ,let me know . I am currently doing a test run using applecrisps suggestions .

    PS my lacie drives must be 5200 rpm drives I suspect because there as slow as seagates , no wonder the price was about the same . If you can afford WD drives then great otherwise ....