• HI,

    I am planning to startup a big mining operation/Asset (>1PB). I have estimated the cost of the whole operation to be around $35K (1120TB) & am looking for investors who might be interested in investing in the project. The operation will be completely professional with the 8 TB HDDs being housed in Server Chassis with about 20 Hot-swappable Drive Bays. I plan on issuing about 100,000 Assets at at rate of 60 Burst which nets a capital of about $100K for the company. Allowing us to setup 3 such servers netting to about 3300TB. Early Investors who can invest a significant amount will receive assets proportional to the amount they invested based of an evaluation of $100K at a discounted rate of 55 Burst amounting to an easy 5 Burst appraisal. Dividends will be issued after 2 months of assets being issued. After which every month a fixed dividend of 3 Burst per Asset will be issued for a year after which the dividend will be increased by 3 Burst every year until a maximum of 9 Burst per month is being issued as dividend. The Payback Period is about 16 Months. After about 6 Months I will also start Buyback rounds which will reduce the amount of Assets in circulation, Thereby increasing its RARITY & VALUE. Interested Investors may contact me with the amount they are willing to Invest. ANY CONCERNS can also be addressed in this POST.