Having problems with Jminer GPU miner(please help if you can)

  • I recently have gotten into mineing burst coin I have 712gb(ik not that much) of storage already plotted and now I need to mine it, I know i can just use my CPU miner but im looking for a little bit more faster way I think at least. Im trying to use Jminer but I am having a lot of difficulty. Im using http://m.burst4all.com:8124/ as a pool and im rather positive that I have got the reward assignment done correctly. Im running windows 10 and i have java 64 bit installed. Incase you need to know im running a i5 6600k and a 1060 6gb

    These are the errors i keep getting:

    Error: Failed to 'getAccountBlocks': java.lang.NullPointerException

    Error: Failed to 'getRewardRecipient' for pool info: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Error: Failed to 'getBlockchainStatus' from 'walletServer' to find last winner. last winner 'N/A', walletServer out of sync.


  • use aio wallet to setup jminer text file, does most of the work

    replace pool server with http://m.burst4all.com:8124

    do that in the jminer properties file, not the orginal one, but the one made by the aio wallet, and there u go.

  • I tried to do what HiDevin told me to do, im not sure i did it right but this is what I got after the stuff I did. I used my first device because whenerver i used my second it crashed

    Errors Im getting

    Unable to get mining info from wallet.

    Error: Failed to 'getRewardRecipient' for pool info: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information