Frustrated But Not Giving Up

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  • Downloaded chrome. Accessed bitcoinstacks from chrome. Still can't access the asset browser. Also it says my oassphrase is incorrect when I try to set up new online wallet. I've tried several times. I quadruple check it. I know I'm entering it correctly. I want to start collecting Burst again, but I don't have a wallet address yet.

  • For "kicks & giggles," I tried the wallet using the passcode from CrypticQueen. It let me in but the Burst coin I'd stockpiled from faucets is gone and I have yet ANOTHER new adress. Where do the old addresses go?

    I can't help but feel like there is a very basic step in missing.

    You simply need to be using the same passphrase. Claim the faucet and then boom you are done.

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