GPU Plotting - speed and GPU Model

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  • Hi there!

    What about share information about your experience with GPU Plotting speed by GPU Model?

    Let's try to compare using 1tb metrics.


    GTX 970 / 30.0000 Nonces per second / 1tb in 2 hours. - (just an example)

    We have many GPU on market, but, it's difficulty to find on store today.. so.. we need other boards that is not so fast for Eth.. What about this list, if any one here have some information or experience on GPU Plotting with models like this:

    - GTX 950

    - GTX 960

    - GTX 970

    - GTX 1050

    - GTX 1060

    - GTX 1070

    - GTX 1080

    - GTX 1080Ti

    - HD 7950

    - R7 370

    - RX 460

    - RX 470

    - RX 480

    - RX 570

    - RX 580

    Or others..

    I Think that this information is very much apreciated.

    I used my Intel Dual Core G3220 processor and took 11 hours to Plot a 500gb hdd. Can you imagine that?

    Thanks if you can contribute and if this post works, would be a refference in the future with real cases with Speed and GPU Plotting

    Sorry for my English.

  • Hello all,

    My first comment on the forum :)

    I am trying to Plot with GpuPlotter (4.1.1) with my GTX 1080 ti but whenever I start the bat command with Buffer/Direct I get the same error "[ERROR][-36][CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE] Error in step2 kernel finish"

    Can somebody help me?