Which is better - 10-10 TB or 1-100 TB?

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  • I'm curious what some of the seasoned miners in here think.

    Is it better to plot ten usb devices that are 10 TB each and will each have their own plot (obviously not overlapping),


    Is it better to create a RAID of the 10 usb devices showing as one 100 TB drive therefore only one plot?

    Hopefully my question is clear enough.

    Thanks Nation!

  • I would not consider myself a seasoned miner but here my 2 cents for what its worth.

    You have much less risk involved with 10-10TB plots imo. If one drive ends up with a bad sector or failing you only need to replace that drive and that plot file. In a single large drive you would have to redo the entire 100TB plot which would take an exceedingly long time, and you would be down while waiting to finish it.

    Also I would have to believe that the RAID controller would add overhead to your read times of one large plot, which is not good for your response times of course.

    Many plots vs single plots have no affect to my knowledge of read times, as long as you dont have overlap all things should be equal. Except the risk factors.

    Best of Luck.

  • fhaman is correct, for your mining it makes 0 difference, but I wouldn't raid it in case of hardware failures