If you were given free ETH, what would you do with it?

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  • So if I gave you some free ETH, what would you do with it? The crazier the better, maybe Hookers and Blow? What is your pleasure, share it with us and then make a TWEET with a link to your reply to get some ETHEREUM rained on your HEAD.

    Here is all you need to do after you reply to this post.

    1) In your reply, you will see a # number , just move your mouse over it and click it.


    Then it will open a share window, simply copy the whole top Permalink URL


    Then go to Twitter and make a Tweet reply in the Free ETH thread from myself @adamguerbuez that you were sent here from. Paste the link you copied that goes to your post reply here and add a few words like, I did it, here is my post link!

  • I would like to exchange that eth that you will send me to exchange it to Dgb
    and then go to play Hookers & Blow Method On Bitsler.win after i win i will rain on my tour
    some coins to my nocoiners friend teach theme about crypto and invite theme to Bitsler.win <3