Keeping Busy During Retirement

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  • Just a heads up on one of the things I am doing and something that maybe worth considering for some of you in the USA/Canada too.

    As a few of you guys know, I love Burst but I am also rather keen on GPU Mining too, in fact, a friend and I are in the process of equipping an industrial unit to move our own GPU rigs over to and hopefully expand too.

    During our discussions and planning the electrical system ( an important part of GPU Mining) we decided to open up what we are doing for others in the UK to use, and hopefully bring lots of other people into Crypto Mining including Burst!

    Our plan is simple, as we have enough space and power for easily 100 x 6 GPU Rigs, we decided we shall offer to build GPU Rigs for others, host them in our unit and manage them too; after all, we will have someone already in the building 24/7 managing our own rigs.

    Rather than people paying us for hosting and managing we will simply use their rigs for 1 day a week, this would cover the electricity costs and management fees, thus effectively giving them 6 days dedicated to their crypto accounts with no other expenses for them to pay!

    Punching the numbers into the calculator also shows that 1 days mining equates to less than the costs for 1 weeks electric usage with a domestic electricity supplier in the UK, so this actually saves people money over hosting their own rig at home.

    We are still around 10 days off completing the electrics in our unit, so I am keen on your opinions and or suggestions.

    Where's the Burst?
    For those of you that don't already know this; GPU Rigs (those designed to mine Ethereum etc) don't really use the onboard CPU or Ram (Memory) as everything is done with the GPU's (Graphics Cards), so, as part of our build offering, we will be offering to add at least 8TB of hard drive to their rig for Burst, we will be introducing them to bitcoinstacks too.

    I do however think that we will be bringing far more people to Burst as we will be making daily GPU Rig Build videos for YouTube and each of them will including adding Hard Drives for Burst mining, to each Rig.

    GPU Mining as a topic is understandably very hot right now on YouTube we estimate well over 1 million unique viewers of our videos over time so fingers crossed we can bring Burst to the masses.

    Questions I get asked daily!

    I get asked these questions all the time, and I doubt posting here on Burst will be any different, thus I will add them to this quick post...

    How much does a GPU Miner cost?
    Although hardcore Miners will say 6 cards and possibly (new tech about to be released) you can jam pack 8-12 GPU's/cards into a single system, which makes it a Miner, I always recommend 4 card rig, especially when you can build 2 x 4 card rigs for the price of 1 x 6 card rig. You earn more with 8 cards over 6 and if a system fails, you still have 4 cards earning while the others are being fixed, spreading your costs/losses and of course risks across 2 systems is, in my opinion, a no-brainer. A good 4 card rig costs around £1000 to build, if you are just looking for a cheaper option you can use lesser quality equipment but understand that by doing so you will forever be sending parts back to their manufacturers for repair or replacement and if they learn that you are mining with their gear it would nullify most warranties.

    How much do GPU miners earn?
    Although we all know the Crypto Coin markets change by the hour or second in many cases, it is very achievable to earn £190 - £240 per week (excluding Mondays as they are dedicated to hosting/management) in CryptoCoins alone. For those that are confident in trading coins on exchanges, people can easily turn that £190 - £240 in coins into £500+ but that's down to the individual.

    A quick note on the above - My friend who is also involved in this unit has built a 4 card rig on a Sunday and traded the crypto's earned during the week and paid for the entire system on the profits before the following Sunday. Not everyone could do this, I KNOW that I can not, so I just relax and mine and sell. It may be a fool's way but hey I don't have a gray hair on my head and I retired at 40, so I am happy to be branded a fool :)

    If you are in the UK and this sounds of Interest to you, give me a shout, alternatively if you live in the USA/Canada or anywhere else on this rock we call home, then let me know if you want me to post about my experiences as I go so you can avoid any pitfalls and learn as I do.

    Regards to all