New Miner Questions

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  • Hi All im super new to Burstcoin mining scene and have been reading/researching over the last week, and have taken the leap and joined the club.

    Ive have a few quick questions though mainly to do with mining ....

    1) Is Jminer better than the wallet miner to start off with. The learning curve isnt that bad and i have it moslty set up how ever im waiting for my drive to plot atm before i start mining.

    2) Pools. I assume its better to aim for a pool with the near max as to what i have in the way of Plots. Im going to start at 2Tb as that what i had laying around.

    3) Once the drive is plotted can i mine the same drive say with my other machine connected to the network or is it better to leave it to one machine and multiple drives.

    Just a few small questions to start with, cheers for the help in advance.

  • 1) I'm not sure which miner the wallet uses but they're all accessible outside of the wallet so you could try both to see what results you get. There is a difference in miners in terms of Hardware you use to mine. CPU or GPU are your options. GPU is faster if you have the right hardware.

    2) Yes it is best to find a pool around your plot size, though the more HDD space you have the more the options open up.

    3) Not sure about drives connected through a network , you have to give the miner a path so it might work if you map the drive to your pc. Lemme know how that goes if you decide. That would be interesting to find out.