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  • Silent - For a Powerful Future


    Silent constructs and operates industrial Methanol Synthesis Plants producing CO2-neutral Methanol and researches new technologies for small-scale Methanol synthesis systems.

    Silent-Power (Projects) Ltd. seeks to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem to produce, store and use energy. Our token Silent is focusing on the production of methanol synthesis plants which are based on a technology introduced in 2017. They will allow green energy producers to turn power into methanol efficiently and on-site. Silent is also actively supporting the production of Econimo mini power plants which are crucial for mass adoption of methanol usage. Together we’re heading in a future where producing, storing and using energy will become easy, flexible, efficient and completely CO2-neutral and therefore can prove itself as a reliable alternative on a global scope.

    The Team

    Luke Szkudlarek
    Marketing & Growth
    Urs Weidmann
    CEO & Founder
    Andreas Graber
    Marco Glattfelder
    Barbara Böttcher
    Office Management & Communication

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  • As for me, this is rather useful direction of work for the future. The thing is that the process of synthesis is not only complicated. It is very important for implementation into any part of our life. For instance, when I ordered items to protect my laptop screen from the mud at Ereztech, I didn't even imagine, how effective they are. But it is the product of custom synthesis. That simplifies our life and helps everybody.