Exclusive Interview With a Twitter ETH Giveaway Scam Ringleader Making 50K-100K USD Daily!

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    The ETH (Ethereum) Giveaway Tweets are often referred to as the CANCER of Twitter. For many months now, all users have seen these loud and proud tweets about giving away plenty of ETH to anyone who sends some coin to a given wallet address, always while impersonating someone with many followers and influence when it comes to CT or "Crypto Twitter"

    We have all seen the tweets apparently from top influencers John Mcafee and Binance just to name two of the most prolific to date. A simple and quick look at the twitter account being used for such "Free ETH" tweets shows us that the source is an alternative account used by an impersonator to gain trust and steal as much ETH as he can, before you realize you have fallen victim to a scam, you have already parted with your coins, never to be seen again.

    Who is behind these Free ETH scam accounts though? Why are they not banned instantly from Twitter? How do they keep this scam running full force and how much money are they really making? I wanted the answers and I wanted to share them with the community. I went on a mission to get those answers by sending messages to each of the scam accounts asking them to get back to me and that it would be worth their while. Knowing how they like to hustle on Crypto Twitter for coin, I knew it was a matter of time until one of these guys would take the bait eventually. Friday Morning I woke to a strange email with almost cryptic content telling me to contact the person using an encrypted messaging platform using OTR encryption (off the record) over XMPP. I oblidged and below I share with you the entire conversation that took place, sometimes shocking yet never a dull moment. This is the true insider look into the mind of a Twitter Crypto Scam ringleader who claims to have been doing his thing with zero interference now for several months.

    Adam: Ok added, what made you decide to reach out to me finally?

    ETHgiveaway: I was checking dms for lulz from angry mooches and seen one of your messages

    Adam: What do you mean by "mooches"

    ETHgiveaway: a mooch is the ones who send us ETH

    Adam: Oh I see ok, so why do you do this scam?

    ETHgiveaway: Adam, I learned about crypto from you, back from your first bitcoin gambling vids on Yt, that is the only reason I am even talking to you here, since I respect what you have done and am a fan of your stuff, otherwise anybody else I would just ignore such messages, as I have been doing with all the angry mooches already.

    Adam: Ok well I am glad that you have taken the time to do this convo with me and I have questions for you, so let's move onto them so we are not wasting any time, since for you and I both, time is money right?

    ETHgiveaway: Right ok so what do you want to know

    Adam: Why are you doing the scam?

    ETHgiveaway: The money, easy money

    Adam: Do you work as a team or just you?

    ETHgiveaway: Small team but most of the operation is automated

    Adam: When you say automated, can you explain?

    ETHgiveaway: Well, the process from generating accounts, to tweeting to rotating ETH wallet address is all done automatic by our bots. The only manual process is cashing out.

    Adam: But what about the Verified accounts (blue tick) how can you automatically create those?

    ETHgiveaway: We do not use those now, they were just for a while we buy the accounts from markets selling sploited accounts that were verified on twitter then change name of account.

    Adam: How much do they sell those hacked accounts for on the markets?

    ETHgiveaway: it's not a secret market or dark market, they sell on most gaming forums actually, the price is like 100 to 1000 usd per account depending on how many followers it has. But since owner reports account stolen fast, the account lasts not much more than a few hours, sometimes we get lucky with a couple of days before it gets killed.

    Adam: So why did you stop using verified accounts?

    ETHgiveaway: because the mooches send eth to any account we make, they do not even care about verfied like we assumed they would. The mooch is just so excited to make money for nothing and multiply their ETH

    Adam:Ok fair enough, so tell me how much money you make with the scam

    ETHgiveaway: Per day or total so far?

    Adam: Let's start per day average

    ETHgiveaway: it changes every day, most days pull in 100-200+ ETH but some rare days maybe only 50+

    Adam: 100 ETH like 50,000 USD? per day?

    ETHgiveaway: yes this is what we raise GROSS not NET

    Adam: Not NET? What are there, fees or something involved to get a NET?

    ETHgiveaway: we have to move the funds to the smaller exchanges often and dex to trade pairs and wash out to other coins then to cash. It is a process but I can not get into more detail for you ok?

    Adam: Ok

    Adam: How do you think the community will react when I tell them how much money you are making?

    ETHgiveaway: I don't care

    Adam: Why, what if some of these people send you their savings or rent money or something

    ETHgiveaway: Look, these mooches would never give their cash to anyone, but they see crypto as not money, so they gamble with it and this is only a gamble for them and they lost. Deal with it.

    Adam: Are you not worried about leaving a trail and getting caught?

    ETHgiveaway: There is no crime in this promotion, the worst that could happen is someone would try to sue, but who do you think would make a lawsuit for .5 eth or whatever? So knowing this, it is open season for all to get paid.

    Adam: But what about someone who is crazy enough to want to find their stolen money and find the source? What kind of precautions (if any) do you currently employ?

    ETHgiveaway: I will not disclose current methods in great detail but in the past it has been as simple as doing all tweets through a net of proxy boxes, like example AWM for 195 per mth we can lock in 2000 threads in a big pool of slave boxes, but we use other less popular sources to keep it even more safe.

    Adam: You mean awmproxy?

    ETHgiveaway: yes im sure you are not stranger to this Adam lul

    Adam: Yes I know of the provider, I know the telegram crypto spammers used them for a long time until they blocked all telegram connects.

    ETHgiveaway: You do some telegram stuff now?

    Adam: Nope

    Adam: What do you think of the latest "fake follower purge" that twitter did and was big in the news?

    ETHgiveaway: I don't care, does not affect me at all, stupid twitter kill all those bot accounts based on their backwards algo while most of our accounts stay alive still lulz. So I say thank you twitter for making things so easy and not interfere with my work.

    Adam: What about all the complaints though from the people on twitter, are you not worried that they will make it nearly impossible to do this anymore? What will you do if it becomes too difficult to do this?

    ETHgiveaway: I will take a long vacation and buy a few lambo

    Adam: Do you actually own any luxury vehicles right now?

    ETHgiveaway: Way too personal Adam, next question

    Adam: I want to share this with the community, our convo, do you have a problem with that?

    ETHgiveaway: I don't care do what you wish. It does not change my past present or future.

    Adam: Ok

    ETHgiveaway: I only talk about my business because it is you and I learned about crypto from you in 2016. I was very poor and now I never will work or need to work outside again now that my life has change from crypto.

    Adam: I see, well there are other ways you can make big money in crypto, why don't you give them a chance and stop scamming?

    ETHgiveaway: I already do other things, I make my money work for me every day, the portfolio I have now to make big movement on trading allows me to make big gains on small increase with high liquid coins. I started with only 1 btc that I bought on localbitcoin in 2016 and today it is not rare that I will do daily trades with 40-50 btc on certain pairs. Even if things go in the wrong direction it does not make a problem for me, the freedom I have now financially is strong

    Adam: I see

    Adam: One last question, are there multiple people other than you and not connected to you that are doing the scam on Twitter? Or are all the accounts yours?

    ETHgiveaway: No comment.

    The conversation ended abruptly at that point with no further response or sign of life from the ETHgiveaway scammer. With all trails burned, what we are left with here is an exclusive look into the mindset and lifestyle of one of the most talked about matters in Crypto Twitter land.

    What is your reaction to this? I have a feeling he will see the story and will read your comments, so be sure to comment below.

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