Vlog #15:GMYU, "My New Genesis Mining Promo." My PH Life and My Crypto Life.

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  • "Hello my Burst Family,

    "Here is another one, New Promo For My Burst and Genesis Mining."

    Promo #1:Doing a Burstcoin Promo!!! First Person to comment on my video and hit that like and Subscribed. I will give away 300 Burstcoin!!! Please don't forget to type your Burstcoin address along with your Comment!!!

    Promo #2:If you use my code from Genesis Mining and I get an email from Genesis Mining that you used my code I will reply to you asking for your Burst Wallet and I will be sending you 500 Burst!!!

    bitcoinstacks Forum:https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/

    Lex's Pool: http://burst.lexitoshi.uk

    Exodus Wallet: https://www.exodus.io/

    pulmonary hypertension: https://www.phassociation.org/AboutPH

    DASH mining contract @ https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/409495

    95xTKf= 3% discount coupon code. I recommend weekly contract upgrades.

    Don't forget to like it and Hit that Share and Subscribe button!!!

    address for donations:

    BurstCoin Address: BURST-J7U6-TV88-DJX3-9BYB4

    BITCOIN Address: 1HK3ShEuFUaCSAkpY2xAZkVwQYHzoAsGVm

    ETH Address: 0xaDCd5Fdd890d40981be8192C353Fb478BdAd8d29

    Dash: XijDBaw97kbjkGDxrNi4cq3B7k3qN6esom



  • i think i was fast enough 8)

    860-burst-banner-copy-png                                                                                                                                            BURST-XLEM-9X2E-AJ4Z-8G9UC

  • Thanks for the vid.

    Bought some ethereum in Genesis Mining using your code. :)