Stagger must be a multiple of 64

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  • Hi guys,

    I just finished plotting a 3TB(2,72TB) drive with two plotfiles.

    When i try to mine, i get this Message:


    stagger (20000) must be a multiple of 64
    stagger changed to 19968
    nonces changed to 399360

    stagger (25000) must be a multiple of 64
    stagger changed to 24960
    nonces changed to 10533120

    What does this mean about a multiple of 64, and if i need to replot; how should my plotfile look? Staggersize etc.

    I already have a 1TB drive mining perfectly with this plotfile:


    This file has the same stagger-size as my biggest plotfile above.


  • Which miner are you using? According to your messages in red it looks like your plots were changed by the program? Is that so? If yes, will they mine fine after that?

    Having the stagger a multiple of 64 is the ideal size I believe, for best performance. Your nonces must also be a multiple of stagger. If your plots are unoptimized, you will probably get better peformance by optimizing them. The Xplotter plots optimized files, wplotgenerator plots unoptimized files, and the GPU plotter can do both.

    Usually, if I have problems with a nonce/stagger mismatch, I run the Plotschecker program and it renames and/or truncates files to fix them. I never got the GUI to work though, but running it manually through a batch file worked fine.

  • Yeah, i just had another problem which i seem to have solved as well. My external 3TB drives were actually MBR drives when plugged in USB 3, and they were actually showing 2,7TB. This caused trouble trying to mount them as internals after plotting as MBR only supports partitions up to 2TB. I had to clean them and convert to GPT. Been doing a lot of replotting... =/