GPU Plotting on Sapphire RX 470 4GB Reference

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  • Hello All, I've not been successful at plotting using one of my RX 470. I've followed the guides, and I've turned down all the settings in devices.txt, but in the end it just hangs and never plots, (tells me of some 3Year ETA).

    Does this work on a 470? Or should I grab another card?



  • Hi,

    Please post your devices.txt and commandline and we'll see if we can help. In the mean time, use the wallet plotter, i know its slower but at least it will be plotting whist you fix GPU. Just pick smallish plots, say 50Gb at a time.

  • Thanks, the card is a Sapphire RX 470 4GB. Again the original devices text started with much higher values of memory, I just started to keep halving it, but it gives the same result.. Should I go lower?

    Devices.txt :

    0 0 2048 128 1024

    start :

    gpuplotgenerator generate direct G:\8159922990355108649_560000_1892352_1024

  • Those settings should work fine, but i'd try nonces of 409600 (100GB).

    The only thing i have found in direct mode is that the progress does seem to stall for hours, then suddenly its done.

    Try 4gb (16384 nonces) , 8gb (32768 nonces) plots first to get a feel for it.

    If is still fails, alter the first 2048 down to 1024, so "0 0 1024 128 1024"

  • Like mentioned above, with "direct" gpu plotting, the status/eta is not in real time, it jumps every know and then. Sometimes it might even take a day for it to change (depending on how large the plot is).

    When the window closes, did you go back to the plot file and see if the size of it matches what you intended?

    Also on your batch file, does it have a "pause" command on the next line? That should tell you the final status when completed or error status and keep the command window open rather than closing.

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  • Tried plotting with my 1070 and it'd keep crashing even when I turned values down. Would prefer the default plotting since it took me around 3-5 hours to plot a drive with cpu. But, I'd just try to find the best values for your current device. Maybe somebody has same card as you and can share some information on which values they use.


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