Official BURST Nation Discussion Community Rules

Feel free to check out our Forums by clicking the link at the top menu of the site, we have over 10,000 Active members in the community and growing every single day! We also have the most FEATURE RICH live chat room we call "The Trollbox" where you can jump right in and talk with other Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are also online.

Breaking any of the rules below will result in a PERMANENT BAN of your account and access to

1 ) Do not troll staff or other members with any disrespectful post content

2 ) Do not put links to any cloudmining/ponzi investment scheme type sites anywhere in the forum . This includes posting ref links that essentially only take people clicking them, out of BURST Nation.

3 ) Do not put any asset links or affiliate links in your signature unless you have cleared the content with one of the ADMINS of the site beforehand.

4 ) Do not clutter threads with any off-topic replies, stick to the subject at hand or create a new thread.

5 ) Do not insult, degrade or post hateful posts about BURST Nation or its staff on any other sites you use, if you are found doing so, you will be banned instantly.

6 ) Do not post any asset numbers or details of assets that are NOT already approved by BURST Nation, anywhere on the forum or in the trollbox.

7 ) Do not post support related threads for other sites like BURST Casino or BitSler, since we are clearly not in a position to answer matters that do not have anything to do with BURST Nation

8 ) If your account is banned, do not make a new account

9 ) Do not have more than one account on our site

10 ) Do not make any posts that instruct or influence others to engage in illegal acts.

11 ) Do not make more than one post about the same thing, posting multiple times about the same thing will result in a three day ban.

12 ) Do not beg for BURST coins on the forum, this includes asking anyone for loans, help etc.

13) Do not recruit or make attempts to recruit anyone to do tasks or any actions on other websites, such as telling members to go vote for something on a website.

14) Do not complain if you want to do something but you see it is against the rules. If you are unhappy, you are encouraged to leave since we

have plenty of new members registering daily, you will not be missed.

15) Do not promote any gambling websites on BURST Nation other than ones that have been previously approved by our team, currently and

16) Do not send private messages to members or post on their wall telling them to go to any websites outside of If you want to promote something,

you can buy an ad spot on BURST Nation Radio. You are not to use the Burst Nation Website as your platform for promotion.

17) No posting or linking of Porn\nudity type videos and\or pictures without the approval of any Admin. This can lead to insta-ban.

18) No death threats (even if joking around)

These rules can be ammended/modified at any time, please refer to them on a regular basis.