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  • Review skyline Mining Pre-Ann: As you might know I do most of the reviews for assets or potential assets. Your asset is what I consider borderline, meaning it's close but not quite good enough. Here is why. The bad: Primary Income is Cloud mining: As discussed on the live web show last week Cloud Mining should only be used as a bonus or adjunct to an asset. With the hash rates and fees and potential contract cancellations out of your hands you lose complete control of the investors money. EOBot increases the fee weekly to a degraded point that creates a non-break even point. The Good: You are planning on releasing a reasonable number of shares at a reasonable cost. You currently mine XMR, please provide full details about your @Home mining configuration, CPU/GPU and current run rates. This is best part of your asset. Expand here, put in $500USD of your own funds to get more power, then you could release your initial shares (50K) @ 5Burst each and it would be completely substantiated. Caution: Investing in Assets is a tricky business specifically when doing so with others money. I recommend unless you have professional experience in this area to limit the asset to personal investments. Having said all of this I would like you to rethink your strategy and revise your proposal, if you bring it up to acceptable conditions I will recommend your asset to be approved. I look forward to reading a revised proposal. Hope you find this helpful, -IceBurst
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