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  • hello you must help. our block is stolen!!! you are online now
  • HI everyone i am new to this i have Burstcoins in Bittrex but am not able to transfer funds to Burstwallet can any one help me so that i can start my mining please my address: BURST-GCHK-SBYC-F3X8-HHP6M
  • Can you send me burst-pool ninja v3 code ?
  • hello can anybody help me to find out this ? i am mining with POOL.BURSTCOIN.SPACE with 18.8 tb since 8 to 9 days and POOL is showing me my rewards as 1D/139.30P on their website but 139.30P reward is not showing in my account why ?/ Should i changed my POOL Account id : BURST-QTX6-9M5F-APFY-9X34R name: $$$$$$$$(burstprat)$$$$$$$$ regards
  • I am mining on your pool. My miner sends deadlines but I dont get the "Confirmed DL" message always. It comes rarely. Does this mean the deadlines that I am getting coins only for the blocks where my deadlines are confirmed? Can you please help me on how I can get my deadlines to be confirmed by the pool always?
  • Hi Menaxerius, I was wondering if you give out Burst to new miners to get their accounts set up as I missunderstood the instructions on setting a pool an now I don't have any coins to change to a pool. Also I would like to mine your pool but I couldn't find the port number. If you do give out coins my burst address is BURST-35HM-S733-AGN8-79M5Z
  • i just started mining can some one tell me how may burst coins i need and were do i find them or get them please
  • Hi, Menaxerius i have a question about the gpu plotter, currently im plotting a 4TB HDD with the gpu plotter and allocated the whole amount. does it necessary to optimize only one Plot? Sorry for my bad english im from Germany :)
  • Somebody can send a little Burst to me, I need to active my Burst Wallet , please! :( My BURST ID BURST-MA67-GGV5-7RZE-7PW4H
  • The BURST price 85 sat it's dump lol
  • Hi Menaxerius. I have been mining on your pool for a month now but have started getting this error from yesterday morning - "[ERROR 1014] Your Burst account's reward recipient couldn't be determined from upstream wallet nodes - please try again." Did something change with the pool? Please let me know how I can fix this?
  • hello , i would like to talk to a staff member but i can not find any type of PM or email
  • Hi there I'm at my second wallet 1 is with bitcoinstacks and other with cryptoguru on both of them I have received 3 burst to start mining...... after 1 day all my burst and changed name despaired..... it is all a fraud and I'm wasting my time OR I just got hack? please do explain me because I love the Burst idea ;) CHEERS
    • You should be able to login on every Wallet to your Account as long your using the EXACT SAME Passphrase. Make sure you're using the same passphrase and don't have an extra space / symbol there by accident. Then it should be good. If you have any more issues, feel free to message me Regards
  • I cannot access anymore? I am no longer mining and the site states it is taking too long to load but on a different computer out of my home, i can access just fine. Did I get banned or something??
    • If you can access it from a other computer in the same network then you're not banned, try clearing your browser cache.
  • How do I check my balance on
  • I would like to join your pool but would need 3 bursts please BURST-HPJ7-48LE-GWAQ-FRC2A
  • Fucking hell
  • hi. when the space pool doing the payment runs, cause had machine running with them and said i had 50 or so coins collected but haven't had payment been over 2500 + blocks already. can you advise
  • Hi Mana! I have been successfully mining the Space pool for about two weeks for the most part. I have two computers that will be doing mining. However, I was told that I have to "Proxy" my 2cd computer to mine the the same pool as the 1st one. Do you know if this is IP proxy? And if it is I was told from Tate from Ninja pool that some pool administrators do not allow proxy IPs. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks ES
  • hi. trying to start mining but saying im needing burstcoins. is it at all possible you can spare some so can get it started. BURST-4KNP-CBPL-DF3G-4QQFA . and also if you be kind to tell me whats the best pool to join. thanks
  • Hello. I'm a programmer and i feet that Burst mining needs too much work to start, especially if you're a new miner, so wrote a program that automates a large part of plotting with gpu. I posted it in the developer section of the forum and here is the github for it : here is the compiled .jar file : I wrote it because as a new miner i found that finding the right arguments took me too long and i was too prone to errors. I believe it would help a great deal for anyone trying to start mining burst to know about this, since you can plot a drive with just a few mouse clicks and without going into the console. (except for seting up the gpu devices.txt). If you could please take a look at it and if you could mention it in your guides i would appreciate it. Thank you
  • WHAT
  • You answer me or not, why do not they give me a free burst on the site, what's the reason? Help me
  • Why can not I take a free burst on the site? Open me the collector
  • hi, i have no idea where to turn for my problem, i got the wallet downloaded and synced up and everything, i had it all set up by the book, followed your mining guide and clicked the change recipient part then the entire thing locked up and closed so i restarted and got the you're wallet hasn't started yet error and it wouldn't start so i cleaned db as suggested and now the blockchain isn't resyncing and i have no idea where everything has gone and yeah, i really need help :(
  • Can someone help I can't login to my old burst coin wallet again. What can I do to start mining burst
  • Hallo Menaxerius , I am running jminer and have been earning Burst however the jminer log is giving me constant errors such as : "Unable to get mining info from wallet" I read from your sudgestion to open and add one of the online wallet addresses to walletServer= so I've tried : walletServer= then walletServer= then walletServer= Still I have the same error message "Unable to get mining info from wallet" Anyother solution ? Thanks in advance
    • Hello Ling, I have the same problem, you got any change on that error?, I tried a Rumania pool , but still no change. How are you doing with it ? Should we create a conversation on it , so we can get a variety of clear answers?
  • Why is the network Diff so low?
  • Hi ,I'm new here and have problem with wallet .... few hours 'download blockchain' - I'm send 100 burstcoin from poloniex yesterday my balance not change :( somebody can help my resolve that problem ???
  • Greetings, I need to optimize my plot, you have the link of the program please