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  • Yes Old Chap, I say this place is getting indubitably classier by the second. Yes, yes rightfully so. *sips snifter*
  • I will fix this later tonight when i get home if you like to disable it for now it is fine we me. Very new to forums and social medial as a whole. Thanks for the professionalism. Cheers
    • No problem at all. I know how it can be in your situation, but we'll have you ripping up the forum in no time. :) I'll disable the comment for now, and send the content to you in a private message for later on when you're ready.
  • OMG. I am so sorry i did not intend to hijack that thread at all. I apologize. Is it possible to move it to proper thread? Sorry.
    • Hey, no problem... unfortunately there is no way for me to move it, as it's a comment in a thread... if it was a thread I could do whatever, but with comments it is either edit or delete. You can copy the content and create a new thread with the exact same content though. The link I put in my response there will actually start a new thread for you in the correct section of the forum. You'll just need to copy and paste. If you do that, let me know when you are done creating the new thread, so I can disable the comment.
  • Ok, Sure, I apologize for posting 2 times. I am going to delete duplicate post now. Regards, Yogesh
  • Hey, this is Ron with that video, thanks for giving me that update, Yes I think there is another promotion I'll jump on, thanks again, Ron
  • Thanks for responding on our video, it was fun making it, Ron
  • Please tell me how do I get a burst wallet please
    • If you plan to mine, the wallet can be downloaded here: https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/filebase/ If you will not be mining, use the web wallets, here: https://wallet1.bitcoinstacks.com:8125/index.html , https://wallet4.bitcoinstacks.com:8125/index.html , https://wallet3.bitcoinstacks.com:8125/index.html , https://wallet2.bitcoinstacks.com:8125/index.html
  • hey man hows it going? I am just now seeing the thread about children running assets etc,,,, I see Mister Burst has got "authorities" involved. This somewhat concerns me as the way I see it......in reality....with the rules and laws here in the states....nothing about the asset exchange is legal.
    • Well, I haven't looked into that...yet... all I know is that I will be happy to have my ass covered in every way I can. When regulation comes to the cryptospace, I'll be doing whatever I can to make sure that Burst and crypto in general don't look like the gross little corner of the internet that most people think it is now. Some of the actions taken over the past couple of days are not loved by all, but it had to be done, in my opinion. When the feds do come to regulate all of this, because it is only a matter of time, do you want to be the guy transacting with the child, or the guy telling him to leave because an unregulated space like this is no place for a child? Anyway, that's my thoughts on it... like I fuckin' know though, right? I just know that I won't be eating $hit for some kid who wants to play wolf of wall-street all over my money...
    • Right most definitely man.
  • Hi i'm mining on the lexitoshi uk pool, but im also not sure if im setup correctly
    • Hi. I'm really not a mining pro, I won't be able to help you with that... when I have questions about Burst mining, I send people to @PingOfD32th for assistance. There are others that can help, have you created a post here?: https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/wbb/index.php?board/3-help-and-support/
    • thanks will do
  • Just got an asset share in that tip you sent me earlier on crypto-city.... thanks