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Feel free to check out our Forums by clicking the link at the top menu of the site, we have over 10,000 Active members in the community and growing every single day! We also have the most FEATURE RICH live chat room we call "The Trollbox" where you can jump right in and talk with other Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are also online.

  • I saw that you added me to your follow list and added you to mine as well! Thank you again!
    • great stuff thanks i know who you are been watching you for years now on youtube at least i think are you not the thetechslug?
    • No I am not the tech slug. I just reffered the video here to people to let everyone know that I follow the tech slugs routine. I have been following Joe for a few years now and saw what he was doing with the devices and apps and decided to do the same thing for extra income! Just trying to help those who don't have much and just want this community to thrive!
  • Hi! I'm new mining burst. Please I want to know if I'm mining from a pool, found some blocks but are yet to credited to my wallet and I changed the mining pool I am mining from. Will I still receive the blocks I got confirmed in the previous mining pool?
    • sorry but don't do mining so my knowledge is not much, check this link or this one and if you still get stuck msg the guys by the name of @crowetic, @misterbuster @lexicon, there is also other guys on the thread in the link that can assist.