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  • Hello, I am having a lot of trouble downloading the Blago's miner due to my antivirus. Any advice on how to allow the download and make sure that there aren't any future interruptions?
  • HI everyone i am new to this i have Burstcoins in Bittrex but am not able to transfer funds to Burstwallet can any one help me so that i can start my mining please my address: BURST-GCHK-SBYC-F3X8-HHP6M
  • plus what what are vBurst
  • hi guys, how do i check my burst balance without me having to sync the wallet, am new in this community
  • Hey mate! I just stumbled apon this gold mine, seems a ripper aye, anyways i too am from Aus, was thinking we could stick together help each other out if needed, im still learing alot. Heck i only knew what cryptocurrency was lastnight haha.
  • cryptotrader33 Banned , wow someone using your name.
  • What do the reward tiers mean i haven't received a reward if one goes over an ammount. Any help is welcome also i am about to go over 10k Thanks
  • I run my own Facebook group for sport betting have a look
  • Following you. We Aussies should stick together! Actually, I spent a couple years in Sydney and Brisbane environs and consider myself 5% Aussie due to my stay. Took a side trip to Townsville...even went over to Mt. Isa for a short stay. We wanted to go down to Melbourne, got about half way there from Sydney and had a change of plans. This was several decades ago. Absolutely fell in love with the place. Didn't wanna leave. Have always dreamed of going back...perhaps even permanently, when BURST hits 1.00USD!! ;) Cheers, mate!
    • Thanks mate :) Good to see another on here as I am the only one now as there was another guy from Australia but it doesn't look like he is active any more. I would call you 50% Aussie ;) Sounds like you had a great time in Australia mate and too bad you didn't get to Melbourne mate as that is where I live :) It is a nice city with many things to do and if you are into sports well there is a sporting event every single weekend here and is the sporting capital of the world. Yeah that would be so cool to see Burst at $1 I would travel the world :D Where you from mate?
    • Happy Valley, Utah. (Provo/Orem area.) Born and raised and married in California, moved to Utah with my work. Now retired. I regret not making it to Melbourne. But...that's life, right? There's a lot of Ausieland I missed out on experiencing. Maybe next year or the year after...Great people, great country! 50%?!?! You're very generous! :)
    • Cool :) Well when Burst hits $1 you can come live here ;) Yeah there is a lot mate, not even I have seen it all lol I've actually only been to 2 other states N.S.W and Queensland Thanks mate! I would one day like to travel to the US :)
  • Congrats on the block today and hitting 10,000 my friend
  • nigs heh e
  • Hey Crypto, the King of Posts! :) I am hoping that they are getting a trophy ready for you as well. You sir do deserve a trophy not only for all the posts, but also for all the help, in those posts, that you give. Keep it up, I follow you and I always get great and/or entertaining information. Thanks :)
    • Thank you Estie :) I try my best to help everyone I can and maybe one day soon I'll earn a trophy but in the meantime I'll continue to keep doing what I have been doing. Thanks again and keep up the good work Estie :)
  • glad to follow
  • You just got another block nice going
    • Thanks mate and we also got a best deadline in the pool but missed the block by 10 minutes lol so it's been a great day so far.
  • thanks for accepting me as your friend,am new here.Hope to learn something from you.
    • You're welcome mate! Take a look around and if there is something you need help with be sure to start a thread with all your questions and I and other Burst Nation members can help.
  • Hi! I'm new mining burst. Please I want to know if I'm mining from a pool, found some blocks but are yet to credited to my wallet and I changed the mining pool I am mining from. Will I still receive the blocks I got confirmed in the previous mining pool?
  • Wow maniac badge. 672 posts. Good work man
    • Thanks mate :) I have not been as active as I would of liked but I still login everyday to see what's going on here.
  • Congrats on the Burst Maniac badge bro :)
  • I hit report comment by mistake but they showed up n thanks a lot
  • Gave you the "Follow". Love Australia - Have not been there since 1990!
    • Thanks! Cool do you have plans to come back one day? Maybe when Burst hits $1 :) I'll travel the world when that day comes. Where about's do you live in the world?
    • I'm US - Bozeman MT. Living off-grid on 10 Acres. I was in Mumbai this Summer and Ghana in the fall. Taking a break for 1 year. I do plan to be down under in a year though, Burstcoin not valued in travel. %^)
    • Awesome! I plan to live off-grid one day :) I have my own veggie garden and a few fruit tree's I grew from seed as I'm also a seed saver. Sounds like you got around last year :) That would be nice maybe we could meet up for a Burst party!
  • I'm completely I need to purchase bitcoin to get burst?? Or can I just buy with US dollar??? TIA
    • Yes first you need to buy Bitcoin and then exchange that Bitcoin into Burst on one of the exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex or C-cex. I hope this helps.
  • Thank you for being so kind and liking my posts, have an awesome one..
  • First post on your wall :) I'm honored