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  • Anyone can tell me what is a good pool for roughly 2.5tb at the moment?
  • How do I send you my id password for teamviewer
  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. If I set up everything correctly and mine in the right pool, etc. With 16tb hdd can I achieve $10/day mining burst coin? How many tb needed to achieve my goal? I need to know, did my goal doable or not. Thank You.
    • 16TB will get you 50B/day or $3 a day. you need 50TB to get $10/day.
    • I beg to differ. You need to use more realistic market values per 1k BURST. Yes if you take the current value of $681.78 for 10k BURST it will be different. The math: (don't get hung up on this, just my way and how I understand it) $10pd = $300 in 30 days B1 = $0.06817, that is 146.69209 coins per day Ave pool payout is for example 80% of block fee and 20% historical. *If* you met the deadline and won the block of B20k and 200 people contributed to the nonces scanned, B20 000 * 0.02% (Pool fees - depends on pool) = B400 for the pool alone B19 600 - B200 for transaction fees = B19 400 B19 400 * 0.80 (80%) goes to all miners that contributed the nonces for the won block, = B15 520 B15 520 / 200 = 77.6 coins going to every person On average solo miners as a group does
    • sorry, wrong thread and i see no option to delete post.
    • 100%