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  • ChaChing.Can anybody help me? Was mining with no problems and from today get RED message : error ReadFile. code = 21 [nect line] Unexpected end of file ******-****
  • Thank you very much ChaChing! I appreciate your help. That is a real load! I will have to study, then proceed. I see you help others too. Good luck......stay they say Happy Mining here?.....................fur
  • Thanks a lot .Really appreciate it.
  • Can I ask for some help and advice from you, from time to time please. I am new to this Bursting thing.
    • Sure. You can also use the Search icon at the top right; it's possible someone has already posted a thread answering your question.
  • Ok thank you. i found my wallet address there.
  • Hi .Is it possible to see whether my miner is really mining? I am currently mining on cryptosphere,world.
    • Hi Fredson; you will have to search for your wallet address in the Current/All Rounds to find your Pending Payouts & the Payment History for Actual Payouts on the pool website:
  • I've been quite impressed with my initial mining with Burst4All. Now that my system is mining ~28TB would you recommend any other pool?
    • Try 'til you get over 100TBs then go to
    • Thank you! I'll try as soon as my "defers" are clear!
    • After looking closer into I'm not seeing much difference from burst4all. What are the advantages/disadvantages in your opinion?
    • Since your rig is larger, you need to be in a pool with other miners around your size and a little larger that have more potential of mining blocks (than smaller rigs). You will receive a larger historical share than you would staying in the small miner pool where they don't mine as many blocks. The more mining power you contribute in the pool- the more historical share you will get. You could even transfer over to a little earlier w/ about 70TBs if you prefer.
    • Thanks for the insight. I've made the cutover already and will continue to monitor/compare the performance, Thank you again!
  • Hi BaLing! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Do you know who the second account belongs to on the Burst RichList, the one under Bittrex with around 496 million coin?
  • hey there just singed up to start mining earlier i have a 25tb system but i need 2 burst can you help and is there a mining pool you can recommend thanks BURST-NQKG-YD6T-3DXM-6763T
    • Here are 3 Burst faucets: Keep trying until one works. Burst can be purchased at the following exchange sites: Poloniex, C-Cex, Bittrex, LiveCoin and BitSqare. Happy Bursting :P
    • hello!!thaks lady!!!!good info))
    • Hey, my Profitman, Good to see out & about ;)
  • Yeah I have three slow 5400 rpm's so just using a faster drive to plot and copy across until I can eventually move those plots back to more faster drives over the next couple weeks. :) Ill be buying a bunch of drives tomorrow on newegg! What does your buy price say in US are you seeing a good discount? Just interested to compare to the AUD site
    • Don't replace your 5400s - they're fine for mining. They're just not good for plotting. If you were to fill you're entire mining rig up w/ these external hard drives it would cost a fortune. I would get a few 7200s, plot to them and mine w/ them until I could afford to buy cheaper ones. Then... copy/paste your plots over to the 5400s. Just keep repeating that cycle.
    • Seagate IronWolf 8TB = $231 for USA / $343 AUD - Yikes!!
    • Seagate Expansion 8TB = $189 for USA / $252 AUD - Better. These are the cheap ones I get & copy/paste over to.
    • HI BaLing! How did you go? Did you get yourself some Black Friday drives? I missed out :( I am going to start mining on Sunday night and I want to try it solo first. What are the main areas you want to achieve the best results? For example; fastest deadlines possible? Fastest read times? Largest TB storage? Just so I can get an idea on how to perfect my rig over the next couple of months as I start to mine. Much appreciate your mentoring. :) Matthew
    • Hey, Matt. I missed out on Black Friday as well. :( I hope all of your questions are getting answered in the threads. :)
  • Hey BaLing! Do you know if Newegg ships to Australia? Cheers
    • Good day mate :D You have your own down under Newegg: You want some of those Black Friday drives, eh? :P
    • Arrrgh Great! Yes thank you, even though its just like buying from where you guys are, its being all shipped from USA ..hehe Which of these do you like best? Prices are in AUD, all 8TB 7200rpm 1. Seagate Ironwolf 256 cache or Seagate SkyHalk both are listed at $343 AUD? 2. Toshiba X300 $338 AUD? 3. Toshiba N300 $345 AUD? Based on your experiences. Thanks BaLing
    • I have 10 - 8TB Seagate Ironwolfs & I really like them. I tested them next to my Seagate Barracudas. The Ironwolfs write pretty much the same, but they READ sooo much faster which is what you need for the mining.
    • Hmm... the Ironwolf is NAS and the SkyHawk is Surveillance. They're both 7200RPM & they should both read the same since they both have the RV sensors. I'm wondering if the SkyHawk will start the block before the Ironwolf since it's made for motion detection. Either way you go is a good choice.
    • The only thing about these drives is they only have a 2 year warranty- compared to the 5 year for the Barracuda. But.... writing to a drive is what wears them out. Once you plot them, it's nothing but reading. So, I don't even worry about the warranties.
  • Lime martinis are what did me in haha. Okay, I will try a more powerful psu and get back to you.
  • Oh no, did I talk myself out of some good advice? You think it's the psu, honestly? I can throw a 1300w psu in it, but I never thought that would be the issue. I had memory warnings pop up on the main miner when I tried surpassing 250tb.. So I added the additional miner, thinking it would be an "easy" fix. Now both miners crash randomly, but I don't have the memory "pop ups". I've been busy with my gpu rigs, so I haven't been able to test it. I figured I'd throw a watchdog on it to see if that would optimize the process.. anyways, sorry if I sound arogant, I'm just a little confused + beer. ?
    • I would definitely try out the 1300Watter if you have one just lying around. Why not? You'd be amazed at what more wattage will do for your rig.
    • Also, I have my hubs/docking stations spread out on several battery backups and my computers on 1200watt battery backups. P.S. I could go for a Lemon/Lime Slush w/ Raspberry Vodka myself :P
  • They're plotting to the same wallet, but I am sure there isn't anything overlapping. I have been mining since 2011. I'm pretty certain I have setup everything correctly, it's either pushing the limitations of my hardware or software. I could be totally wrong, but that's my just my opinion. I'm going to install another 8gb of ram in my main 250tb miner. I'm not sure why my secondary miner would be crashing, if it's a memory issue on the first miner. The secondary miner has 16gb ram and is only plotting 96tb, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    • Well... you have been around the "block." Ha :D Yeah, it's possible you maxed out something. I know I've reached my maximum limit on one of my miners. I finally had to purchase a 1500W power supply just to get it to boot up. I'm sure you'll have a brainstorm & figure it out. Keep me posted.
  • Not sure how to reply to your previous post, but I have a 1000w PSU, so I doubt that's the issue. I would say it is either ram, OS limitations or simply the miner/wallet causing my mining to crash. I don't think I had an issue until I added the second miner. I've been too busy to problem solve.
    • If your 2nd miner is plotting to a different wallet, I don't see why you should be having any issues. But... if your 2nd miner is plotting to the same wallet, the plots must not be overlapping any of your plots from the 1st miner or you will get error messages. If the 2nd scenario isn't the issue, you can always send me a PM. Cheers :D.
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