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  • Hi Lex, Could you look for this payment and investigate cause after waiting for few days, I can tell you this payout didn't reach my account. My account : BURST-9UJL-LPZC-YSCK-DKQD3 and the payment of 251.21 is stamp 02/07 18:27:57. I can't add an image here but I post the same message on my wall with the payment picture. In advance Thanks.
  • hello lexicon I forged block # 377316 july 2nd but i don't get the reward i contact tross when you was out and he says that i was add it to the list my accound is BURST-RG59-QPUM-XZKT-6DVPU thanks
  • Pool is down, unable to reach the website and unable to connect pool through miner. Can you check it?
  • Following and investing in Assets (actually last week) but I thought I had already followed you here on BN! :)
  • Hi Lexicon, mined on your pool and found block #360747. But did not receive any bursts. Please check: BURST-YLEB-7JAG-CDJ6-5ZBUS Thanks.
  • Hi Lexicon! I really appreciate your job! I would like to ask you if there is any possibility for a Linux AIO wallet to be created? Thank you in advance!
  • Hey Lex I've been mining in your pool for about a month now. I received a payment yesterday but have since not seen my wallet address showing up in the pending pool list. Should I restart my miner? thanks. BURST-54DG-4HWL-BGSU-2FBXW
  • Hi Lex, Is there any way to connect to a wallet by using the address? My problem is that I have the same password for differents wallets. And what it does, each time I enter the password, It will always open the first one created with that password. You have understand, I cannot access my others wallets sharing the same password. The only way I see to do it will be by typing the wallet address I would like to access along with its password. So is there any way I can do that? Thank for your answer.
    • sorry i dont understand. its completely impossible to have the same password for different wallets.
    • No lex. Sorry but you're wrong. Using a previous version of one of the wallet I was able to change the password and I choose to use a previous one I use in another wxallet. I'm using this wallet I can't operate on to mine, so you can be shure that I have the good wallet address and password. So my question was: Is there any way to operate on a wallet that you know the address and password from anywhere? or even from my computer? If no, this should be implement or a web plateforme should be in place to enable that, in my opinion, to be able to operate any burst wallet from anywhere in the world, assuming you have the good wallet address and password Give me your thought
    • I think the version of the wallet I used for that is between version 0.3.5 and 1.2.8
    • your talking about dawallets release. the wallet only takes a passphrase so the passphrase in the 0.3.5 version dawallet made will be able to access the same account in this version. i dont believe in any version of the wallet that its been possible to change your burst passphrase. as your passphrase is your private key. in order to change it you would need to create a new account. being able to change this means it needs to be stored on the blockchain. which isnt secure and not out crypto works perhaps that feature only allowed you to change the code your passphrases were encrypted to file in.
    • Maybe ! So there's no way or nowhere that I can access a specifiq account by specifying the wallet address and the passphrase Lex ?? Because from the wallet I have on my computer, no way! In fact, until I can specified the wallet address, I will not be able to access it; this is what i'm understanding from the case I'm facing.
  • Hi Lexicon , i really appropriate what you do here, i would like to start mining however i am not very techie, i have 32 windows , i could find out how to start plotting and mining with with it. i have downloaded your 32 bit beta wallet and it is very good, could you add plotting and mining all in one, Could you reply me please ?
    • i can try. unfortuanatly i dont have a 32-bit machine to test with so if i implement xplotter and the miner i am not sure if they will work natively for windows 32-bit. do you know if xplotter works on your machine?
    • Thanks for your reply , Unfortunately it says it is not contemptible with my windows version. My version window is Windows 7 Ultimate -32 bit,
  • Hi, I try to open my wallet. When i put passphrase it say incorrect account . So does it mean my account is not ok? or hacked ?
  • hey man i had problem with a transaction to the casino is you could please contact me back? Thank you.
  • wanted to ask I baught 1 tb ex hd wen downloading wallert do I setit on my hd or the labtop ?
  • hello pal kan u help tryna setup mining need bit of help
  • what happened to the pool burst.lexitoshi.uk?
  • How is it possible to send a dl of 153 years to Burst Pool and it is accepted? Someone sends giant deadlines immediately after new block starts and the pool accepts it.
    • its actually a deadline from the prior block. the pool accepts it cause on the prior block when its submitted. its actually a lower deadline. but as a new block comes the gen signature changes which causes the result that goes back to be a ridiculous number. so basically a miner submits a deadline 1 second before the block changes causes it to calculate on the next blocks gen signature
  • i need help installing the wallet on my mac. I have tried 3 different ones please help. [email protected]
  • hello bro how to buy bitcoin through paypal please tell Thankyou~
  • Hi Lexicon, you seem like a good technical sort for this question. I know there is an issue going on with how Crowetic and others will resolve shareholdings. My wallet says I have shares of Byteent, Bursteam and BursTaker. When I go to the asset exchange if I try to sell those assetts it says I have none. I know these assets are being restructured. My question is, does this mean an asset issuer can freeze sales of assets? Thank you.
    • Never mind...my bad. I thought maybe there was a mutability issue with the chain, but I realized that when I bought those shares I immediately put sell orders on them. That's why it says 0 shares in the exchange. Derp der derp! I know you guys are busy so I can usually figure it out when it's just my own ignorance. Thanks
    • yeah sorry bud never got round to replying lol super busy
  • sorry us system is not allowing to submitting the pool name
  • HI i am a new user and i m mining abut 37 hours and i m not gating anything my pool is and i know u can help me and another thing when your cloud mining is gonna start
  • Hello lexicon...I am new to burst but pleasei don't have PC laptop,please lead me through on how to mine on mine android phone.please
  • Thx! Now it works like a charm, and also.. i feel like an idiot for not trying that :P
  • Hello! First of all, thx for all the effort u put into this, it's exactly what burst needs to grow. I downloaded the wallet but unfortunately it doesn't work. It starts up saying it could not load cefsharp.core.dll, i tried installing chromium but it didn't help. I use win 7 64. Wallet is also 64.
    • make sure you have https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/download/details.aspx?id=40784 installed. use the x64 for version for 64 bit
  • this new wallet is so nice thanks ...... keep it up
  • Hi Lexicon....I think you are the one I need to speak with.... where do I begin?...Ok... I was mining Burst from mid 2016 up until now. Long story short, I need to re-plot my drives but when I first plotted, I did from my wallet. Now I believe it's outdated and I don't know where to begin. I tried to download the latest wallet but I'm having problems because there's so many updated versions and I'm a little confused. (I'm also a computer illiterate!} Can you please show me the direction I need to take? Thank you, I'd appreciate any help I can get! By the way, They call me Chyna :)
    • Hi Chyna, Nice to meet you :) also great to see the dedication with the coin. ive been working non stop over the past 6 months to help this coin succeed ;) for the latest wallet. go to https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/filebase/index.php?file/21-burst-aio-wallet-beta-release-64-bit/ thats for 64-bit windows but has all of the features including fastest wallet selection that looks through all online wallets and determines which is best based on the block height that wallet is on. and the speed it takes to pull a query from the db its rather simple to work. one you have downloaded it. extract the files to your documents or where ever relevant. once thats done double click on burstAIOWallet.exe this should then start the application. if you get a message saying cannot load DLL cefsharp.core make sure you have microsoft.com/en-GB/download/details.aspx?id=40784 installed. use the x64 for version for 64 bit
  • Lex would it be possible to help me out with my mining rig. I have NO clue whats going on. I have 13.7 TB of plot mining on burst mining club. My last payouts have been 246.9202176, 300.60201045, 132.94841647. These seem very low for my TB mounts. My highest ever was a little over 300 burst. I ran it through some calculators that say I should be making double that. Any thoughts?
  • I have 20778 burst4all.
  • So should I start a crowdfund to raise 100000 burst then release asset with that investment,please help would relly like to start something here.
  • Hey Lex I was tring to create an asset not sure if it's going through please help.BURST-3QAP-GE42-MH7X-AGT88 Want to start trading larger volumes on poloniex this asset will be great I'm sure.Just need alittle help getting going.thx
    • Whats the asset your releasing :) you've triggered my curiosity
    • 10546224017483680503 PoloTrade Just need to save burst and start selling
    • just need the burst to cover the sales of assets before I post
    • What do you think?
    • thats technically a crowdfund and not what an asset is about, i wouldn't be able to approve this myself maybe one of the other members might. usually with an asset theres a portion of the users own money that goes into it. also your activity on the forum is quote low. 2 posts in a month. i would suggest becoming more active in the forums and letting the community get to know you before you try to release and asset that has no starting value
  • I was wondering if this could be packaged right and add to downloads area for Mac users Tire of jumping to my bootcamp and back to Os, plotting and mining I just remembered that there was a way to run windows programs directly on MacOS utilizing "wine". Right now I'm testing it, making a plot of 200g directly on macOs using "Xplotter_avx.exe" (wish don't work on my bootcamp side). Here the proof that I'm not bluffing: 0_1483283047989_Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 11.02.27 AM.png This said, lets star with the part that you guys want, the instruction on how to do it. You need to install "wine" on your mac, follow this site instructions are pretty easy ( just the installation instructions). Sit and wait for it, it take time, depending on your internet connection and your system speed. After the installation finish run this command just to install something more " brew install Winetricks" it just take one minutes at least. Now configure your drives on the wine environment, run "winecfg" go to the "Drives" tab click "Add..." chose your favorite letter find the "Path:" text field and click the "Browse..." button next to that find wherever your operating system has mounted the external drive. In macOs it'll be under /volumes. Take note of your drives and how wine identified them, you will need that when applying the command to Xplotter. (I have tried to make the plot directly to my external hdd but it given me an error, so now I'm making a plot directly on my internal drive to transfer it later to my external drive) This part is obvious but since this is a tutorial, have to be here. Download the latest Xplotter for Optimized Plots (Cpu) and keep in mind where you save it. Now go to terminal and "cd /to where xplotter has been extracted" Here is where the fun start... Right there in the terminal, before the normal xplotter command you will write "wine cmd /c " and it will look like this: "wine cmd /c Xplotter_avx.exe -id 12235419845508087637 -sn 0 -n 819200 -t 2 -path D:/ " where "wine cmd /c" is the command that activate wine environment, and "Xplotter_avx.exe -id 12235419845508087637 -sn 0 -n 819200 -t 2 -path D:/ " is the command that tells xplotter what to do and where to do it. ( for me the "avx" version worked, has not try the "sse" one, and the "-mem" parameter give me an error did'n know why but without it worked normally. Well if someone have problem with this just write here and I will try to help you. Remember that explotter is a windows program and is not garantee that this will work on your system, so that said, if this don't work for you, it is not blago foul or mine. But if this work, a miner should work too with the same command and process. (have not tested jet with miners or other programs supplied here)