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  • people here is very helpfullly
  • Hello my friend Thomas , which is the best ( solo mining ) or ( pool mining ) ?
    • Definately pool mining even up to 100tb because the pool owner will make sure the wallet is up and running plus you get more of a group merge luck factor too and your averages on days you don't hit get better too. I suggest you try for under 5tb if you have big HDD plotted over 10 TB then go here
    • Thank you
  • Hello Thomas , how much you have TB and how much you get burst per day
    • Well, I had 13tb and was averaging about 200-300 per day about average for last month but I stopped to test out pgu direct plotting 6tb987gig on a seagate external so I am not sure how the new difficulty will affect me now I have been not mining for the last 8-9 days. It helps also if you are in a great pool. I was in It is recommended you have 5tb or more when I was there. If you have a smaller miner I would recommend
    • you are the best thomas , as i said i am new with mining and i will start mining with 10tb i will buy the external hard drivers within the next 4 days and i will do my set up next week i am so excited
  • If you ever are feeling Generous. :) Happy Betting and hope you have good luck BURST-TRPC-T24S-HSBZ-6W8S9
    • Well, looks like your the only one that took me up on it from the shoutbox. Will definately remember ya bud.
    • I like to be known and get involved with the community! About to head to bitsler in a little bit. Hopefully i make some profit. If so i will split a portion with you for further luck
  • Hi Thomas my TargetDeadline is on 6084000 and i get very long DLs and not so many what would you say i have to put it with my 1.4TB 7000000 or 500000 please let me know :-)
  • Hi Thomas can you please check this link it is a pic of my miner and can you tell me if all is ok. Because there is a red line which is saying (Sender cant connect Error 10060) Thank you bro :-)
    • which pool is it Somewhere down that is what the error is most likely. But as far as everything else you got green confirms sent and received you are doing good. Keep it up running
    • OK cool thanks brother i am mininig in it was a long night but i figured a couple of thinks out i earned 30 coin :-)
  • thomas what do you mean with reward recepeint
    • It is what you use to join pool Look up how to join pool in forum Sending ya enough burst now
    • you don't have your wallet address. please post it on the wall here or your own
    • ok i am plotting my 1 tb hdd for the moment when this is done i will go into joining pools thanks bro my address is BURST-XYFN-KBCV-2Q45-GMATN
    • Sent ya some. But I highly recommend you get a hold of pingofd32th and speak with him if you need help getting set up mining and all
    • Thanks brother i am still plotting after it i speak with pingofd32th about pools :-)
  • Hi it is me Danyel
  • Thanks for the follow :)
  • Welcome to Burst Nation (I got your wall cherry...LOL)