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  • i dunno how to message....
  • I really am struggling with this thing. To Kent155 thank-you for your BURST. However! When I went into my wallet say now 2 weeks after posting my initial request , I find I have a different BURST address!! I've been into this 'new' address now twice. So it's reproducible I guess. How can I get into the old address to transfer these coins to my 'new' one. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I play with the spaces in my pass phrase? I can't believe this stuff. Also I hope this finds you. Don't really know where this post is going. Can someone transfer to Kent155 if you see this?
    • Send me a private message and i will help you asap Tenthman. This is a confirmation that i received and viewed your message.
  • apple users press home and lock button at once to capture screen shot
  • Sorry for the double post, didn't see my incomplete comment was posted on the giveaway until now.
  • if 1 bust coin reach $1 - I will invest 75% in mining hardware
    • If 1 burst is 1 dollar, we can not get that much burst. If we are getting 3000 now then we will get 3 in a month
  • wallet is good now look at mining after waiting 4 confirms