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  • this is not free ryt?
  • a good day Smiley a what amount off TB is good to start mining
  • Update: Still plotting the 30Tb Array. Currently at 47%. Also plotting 2 additional 3TB drives on Burst1. Will be a about 4 days before I have the full 68TB online. BURST: Not reported anymore Assets: All assets transferred to MicroBurst Asset. Mining: 35.24TB of 68TB total online, daily income approx. (coming back up) Mined 127 yesterday. Alt Coins: Mining BTC @ .0006/day($0.72) ETH: 0.12/day ($5.76), [email protected] 127/day($1.58) Trying to catch up on computer customer repairs today. Got a Windows 8.1 Dell GDP drive to recover today.
  • Thanks loriliam1
  • GJ smiley like the log
  • Hey Smiley. I'd like to have a chat with you that includes Screaming Eagle, Rocanne Roll, Menaxerius and yours truly. What is your Discord ID?
  • Hello friend, today i got a bonus from burstcoin, you too ? this is for all the pool i think.
  • Update: Still plotting the 4TB external drive. Restarted the plot for...stuff. Currently at 30%. Might have the first TB plot done by tonight. Am waiting for the first TB to plot then will offline the machine to swap out a 250GB drive and replace it with the 3TB internal drive. Can run a parallel plot on it with the 4TB drive. Will be a week before I have the full 7TB online. BURST: Wallet stands at 10B, as I purchased 11 more MTMGaming last night. Total 1739B, right now. Assets: 130 shares of CCM100 (1,041.3B), 39 shares of MTMGaming (688.74B) Daily income approx. 1.5B Mining: 5.2TB total online, daily income approx. 90B Alt Coins: Mining BTC @ .0006/day($0.72) ETH: 0.12/day ($5.76), [email protected] 90/day($0.19) Trying to catch up on computer customer repairs today. Got 2 desktop on the bench today. #1. Backing up data, wiping drive, reinstalling Windows 7(from Win10), another forced upgrade to Win10, customer not happy. Will be fixing Windows 7 to not be able to call home. CPU cooler clogged, clean now. #2. Upgrading video card, adding in PCI wireless adapter. General hardware and software cleaning. 1/2 done.
  • what asset is being talked about i missed the beginning
  • Update: Yesterday I received my 4TB Seagate external, and 3TB HGST internal. This will allow me to add 7TB to the Burst1 miner. That will put me at about 12TB. I started plotting the 4TB Seagate last night. I started this plotting at nonce 0. Will be setting it up with 4 plots. . The first 3 plots will be exactly 1000GB, and the last plot will be whatever is left over, roughly 770GB. I suspect the drive is an SMR drive, because randomly the plot writes are super slow. I did some research, it seems SMR drive are slow to write at times, but should mine just fine. I paid $109 delivered for this drive. Its not a great price, but not terrible bad either. The 3TB HGST drive is a refurbished drive, purchased for $59 delivered. Thats a great price. Anything under $25 per TB is good. This was under $20 per TB, making it a phenomenal price. If I were purchasing a drive for data in a production machine, I always buy new, but as there is no critical data being written to this drive, I'm ok with a refurbished drive. The 3TB will go in later today after the first plot is done on the 4TB. BURST: I'm at about 1484 total BURST (1256 in asset value). Slow, but steady progress. BURST ASSETS: Just got my first payout from MTMGaming. The payout on 23 shares is 6.73 BURST. That is not bad at all. I have been daily payouts on the CM100 of roughly 0.4 I have 130 shares of CM100. Already I can see where more of my Burst will be going. =) I also need to do more research on the other various assets. ALT coins: I've been using Nicehash on Burst1. With just a nVidia 650 Ti. It was making about .05c per day, I added an old nVidia 560 inot the system, and retested, finding that if I were mining Decred, the daily income went to about .40c per day. (roughly $9.50/month). MinerOne has 3 RX480's and has been mining ETH since mid December. This has been generating about #120-$190 per month. I am hoping to Pull the 2 nVidia cards from Burst1 and replace those with RX480 cards to add to the ETH mining maybe in a couple weeks. That's my update for Friday, April 14th morning edition. Good luck all of you, and may the BURST be with you.
  • hello, i'm new to burst i'm just wondering if you can help me to figure out how to see my asset payouts that i do have. shouldn't it show in my transactions. because if so i don't see anything there. is there can you help, thanks
    • It should, mine do. I have 2 assets, one pays out daily, its usually a tiny .31 burst payout. The other asset I think pays out weekly. and I haven't had it long enough to get a payout on that one yet. So, it depends on that assets payout period. It should say on the asset page somewhere how often and when they payout. Thats where I'd start before getting to worried. Also some might have 30 day payouts. It also might be the person managing the asset could be on vacation, and might be holding payouts for a couple weeks while away. I'm still fairly new, and haven't experienced very many situations yet.
    • thanks for your response it was very helpful and also truly appreciated.
    • Your very welcome. Happy to help anytime.
  • Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a great day. I forged my first block. The payout looks to have been about 940ish. As of today I have 1081 Burst and 2 assets worth about 406 Burst. I am still plotting the second miner (Burst2). Its slow going as the cpu in that machine is old and slow. The plot speeds are 424 nonces per minute. So in a week or two it should be all plotted. Burst2 it being plotted from 0. Oddly when I plotted Burst1 the nonces are spread out by hundreds of millions. This is why Burst2 I'm going to manually plot it from 0 and make sure there are no gaps or overlaps in the plots. I'm hoping that this coming week, I should be able to purchase a 3-5TB external drive to add to Burst1. Will keep you all updated. Thank you for reading. Keep up the hope, and remember that when the banks fail, we will have the last laugh.
  • Update: Moved the 1st and 2nd video cards to the new AMD AM3+ motherboard I picked up a couple weeks ago. This allowed me to get my mainboard back, and back into my PC. The ASUS 760 motherboard replaced the scrap HP motherboard in the Burst miner system. That motherboard had to many issues and definatly to slow to use for Burst mining. The 'new' Burst miner rig is all set up. 2 1TB drives and 2 500GB drives. I put Win10 on it, because I had it and not using it. I downloaded and installed some standard tools, 7Zip,, drivers, etc. I installed an nVidia 650TI as I had it laying around. I tried gpuPlotGenerator, and it was plotting at about 3800 nonces per minute, but t seemed to need 100% of the cup to run. This was unacceptable. I went back to using xplotter, It runs fine and allowed me to use the gpu for running Nicehash. Its mining X11Goat? Not worth the power its consuming, But just running it while I plot. Going to see what gpu miner software I can find. The plan is to mine the 2 500GB drives on the cpu, and mine the 2 1TB drives with the gpu. So far the first 500 is set up wtth a 400GB plot and at this point is half done plotting. So I should be able to start mining tomorrow. Will know more in a few days as the plotting comes along. Also will have to run a plot optimzer as the rates are much better from an optimized plot. Thanks for reading.
    • AWESOME! :) Keep me posted. I am going to start soon. I don't have much GB, but it is a start. What counts is that we are doing it! :D
    • Cool. I will. What type of machine and how much storage are you starting with Estie? Indeed, the world is littered people who don't get off their butts.
  • Hi Estie, Thank you very much.
    • No problem! :) If you have any question don't hesitate. I don't know that much, but I can always try to help. ;D
  • Hi welcome to BUSRT Nation. I saw that you are working hard at getting your BURST wallet growing. Here are 2 faucets they pay out a couple a BURST a day... agreat way to get them. If you need just ask everybody is great here and love to help, don't forget to have FUN!!! :) By the way, assets are also a great way to make your wallet grow, check them out!
  • So far, I am impressed with the quality of people I have met here. Thank you for connecting with me. =)
  • Hello Hope you like it here with the BURST FAM..