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  • Hey thanks for taking a sec to read this - I've been mining on your pool for about 6 days now and still am showing a 0 Burst earned. Wondering if maybe I'm doin it wrong? I've setup the reward recipient and have had some success mining on another pool before. I recently changed to port 8080 and thought maybe that was the issue but have not seen a change. I'd like to support the pool but I would love to make some money too =) Any ideas?
    • Burst ID is BURST-L5TG-GLUV-B64R-F2B3R
    • Yes ports: 8080 or 8880 are right. I see the pool sent: https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/transaction/90184149383033834 On: 2018-01-31 17:55:55 To keep TX fees down the pool pay at 500+ Burst or ~2 to ~4 days. But it depends on Historic DL and luck. The network diff has spiked a bit. So far we have won 5 blocks to day, we where winning about 10 to 11 blocks per day. I see Burst Mining Club has only won 30 blocks so far to day, they where winning about 60+ per day. You can see that info here: http://x.bitcoinstacks.com
  • Hello, I mined this block below to Burst.ml (BURST-67XA-W9AU-MFGE-DAPPG) with my acocunt (BURST-3BJW-MY6R-N4WB-4PZEH) quite a while ago (8/6/2017) and was wondering why I never got a payout for it? Is it a payout delay or something, or did it just get missed? 389867 8/6/2017 13:21:32 51'591.50246284 115 111 You 21 KB 0000 % Thanks, Jeremy BURST-3BJW-MY6R-N4WB-4PZEH
    • O that is the old address to the pool, we stopped using it back in late 2016. When we update it to Ninja v2 we had to change wallet, because the old passphrase was not compatible with ninja v2. I will see what I can do.
    • BurstCoin.ml Reward Assignment: BURST-85W6-5P5V-7VLZ-GZJEF
    • https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/transaction/10788465661787174328
    • Thank you so much for looking into it!
  • Why pool.burstoin.ml takes no fees. But in fact there are fees? All these gone on this wallet. 4NR5-RVAN-3BXS-BA9N4 Is this a mistake????
    • Think I might've fixed it, there was an error in the configuration. I had set the fee to: 0, now it is set to: 0.00. let's see if that fixed it, sent it to the bonus.
    • so i was wondering... one question... why you do that for free?? 0,25 percent or someting are fair... what is the reason you dont want money for? another thing do you thought to set the reward to 70:30 instead of 50:50 to get bigger miner in the pool? so you would earn more if you take a fee
    • It seems the problem is not fixed...
  • Pool Mining URL: http://pool.burstcoin.ml or http://pool.burstcoin.ml Mining Ports: 8080 or 8880
  • whats up with the pool new look?
  • Hi, Tate A.. could you please give me one coin to start mining on the pool..? my account ID is BURST-BK69-646U-LU53-4Q52N thank you very much.
  • Hello, I was wondering how do I actually activate the burst wallet? It is all quite a learning curve for me. Do I need someone to donate a burstcoin to the wallet or is there another process I am missing. My wallet ID is BURST-69GL-SJ6W-J3GG-ENHSH I look forward to hearing from you Warmest regards from the Pearl of the Orient
  • why pool ninja.burstcoin.ml dont accpet for me mining?
  • hello burstcoin.ml down?
  • Does that mean I will lose the Burst I earned in the day machine through?
  • hi is ninja.burstcoin.ml not work?
    • https://www.bitcoinstacks.com/wbb/index.php?thread/103-burstcoin-ml-s-pool/&postID=49392#post49392
  • i have created a new european pool located in belgium 1% fee reward 50/50 pool.burstcoins.info and a new online ssl and cloudflare protected wallet wallet.burstcoins.info auto payout is 250 burst or 10 blocks contact info [email protected]
    • pool background wallet is currently syncing with the network is will be done in a couple of hours probably 2
  • I've just created a new pool. Could you add my pool into your list?
  • I've been mining on BurstCoin.ml. I've forged a block . BLOCK #378500. Reward: 1,660 Burst. Fee: 165 Burst. I've only had 518.91 Burst for it. How does it work? I thought it would be something like 40/60 or 50/50. In any case does not look like is the right amount of Burst. Or did I get some further penalties?
  • please update the pool list to reflect the new pool BurstPool.net - Thank you DFWplay
  • I'd like to load a picture here. How do I do it?
  • Hi there. I'm so confused. It's nothing probably. What can you make of this?
  • I have a quick Q. I was mining on your pool for a while and now its gone. Is there any burst that is owed to me?
  • Hey Tate, I think the pool is down. No sending or receiving of new blocks and the webpage is timing out.
  • Hey Bro can you help me out ive been mining your pool for 2 days and i see all these payments go out even small ones like10's and 20's but i havnt received anything and my shares have been up in the 60's even a 300 didnt go i dont know whats going on but i need help here bro i wanna know if i should even invest in 10tb, cuz im not getting paid yet please help me bro
  • You guys have to see this!! https://youtu.be/uykMPICGeqw
  • Hello bro how to pm you I want to know something?
  • wanna know if I've started mining hhahahaha
    • When you have successfully set up your miner you should see your address or your wallets name on the All Round Shares list on the pool.
  • hi dude
  • My pool: pool.burstcoin.ml
  • HI, guys. How you all doing? Anybody want to join my pool? :-)